In a funk

I am not sure what is going on, but I think the weather is the cause for this funk I am in.

When I wake up in the morning, which typically is REALLY early, it’s now that time of year when the sun isn’t shining and it’s still dark out. And then when I get off work, the darkness isn’t too far behind. And when this happens, I get in a funk. I guess maybe I am one of those people who really needs her sunshine or at least lots of daylight.

Because of this funk, I have lost all ambition to exercise. I. Don’t. Like. This.

At. All.

In my last post, I said how a reader’s email to me had motivated me to get back on track. Well…it did. For a day. Yes, I went out and ran about six miles, but that was it. I haven’t been out running since then. It’s not a time issue, which is what my husband’s excuse always is. I can always make the time. Anybody can find the time they need for something they love. Really, you can. However, right now for me, it’s a complete lack of motivation and I know this. I know that I just kind of lost it somehow.

Aargh! Ugh! I actually want it back.

At least my food has been going alright, except for the little treats now and then. I won’t call them slip ups anymore because that’s not what they are. They are treats. Plain and simple. I think when people get down on themselves and say they have slipped up, it causes them to keep slipping up. Not sure why, but they do. I think if we were more positive toward ourselves, maybe this wouldn’t happen.

For instance, if a person (I’ll use a female) “treats” herself at the beginning of a day, she is more likely to “give up” then the rest of the day. She thinks, “Well, I already slipped up so I may as well have….it doesn’t matter.” Well, guess what? It does matter.

Having one treat – one “slip up,” if you will – shouldn’t wreck an entire day. Just because she went out to lunch with friends and ate more than normal, maybe even having dessert, doesn’t mean she should stuff her face at supper.

I think this is the kind of mindset that gets us in trouble. Especially me. I think, “Well, the days already shot, I may as well just eat like a pig.” Which, really, to be honest, is so stupid and kind of pathetic.

So, that is why I have changed saying that I slipped up to saying that I had a treat. And then leave it at that. A treat. One. Not an all-day eat fest.

So, that is my advice of the day. When you have ONE treat, make it just that. One. Don’t let it be an excuse to eat your heart out the rest of the day.

Now, can someone give me some advice on how to get my motivation back for exercising? : )

5 thoughts on “In a funk

  1. I’ve been following and reading your blog. (background on me)I too am in the midst of this journey. Except i had more to lose than you. I have currently lost 100 lbs and still have a ways to go. I am fortunate to have support, I have a registered Dietian that i see every 3 months or more if I need a shoulder or a wack along the side of my head!)
    My motivation for getting up every week day morning and driving 30 miles to Wadena to work out. Simply this. You will gain everything back that you worked so hard to losemaybe not overnight..but you will! It still takes 30 minutes 4 -5 days a week to maintain where you are at.
    You are lucky. You have many options of fitness centers that are within a couple miles of where you live.
    Hope this helps with your motivation!
    Sue Ellwanger


  2. When my motivation is down I make it a must to do SOMETHING….I don’t expect my best work out but I tell myself ” just 30 mins……that’s all I ask….come on body…give me 30 minutes to move and get the heart rate up”. Before you know it I’m back challenging myself to beat my best. So be good to yourself by knowing when to get what you CAN on the down day…. and when your motivation come back (and it will) treat yourself the best that you got!


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