Riding bike to work

I rode my bike to and from work twice this week. But I must confess, it’s wasn’t my choice…at first.

My car broke down on Tuesday, so on Wednesday and Thursday, I decided to ride my bike to work instead. Yes, I could have gotten a ride from my husband being we work at the same place. And yes, my son graciously offered to get up and drive me to work…at 6:30 a.m., no less. (What a sweetheart.) But I thought, “Why?” when I have a perfectly good bike in the garage and it is less than five miles to my work. Plus, what a great way to get in a little extra exercise.

Yesterday, I even walked to do one of my interviews. (For those who don’t know, I am a reporter for the newspaper in Alexandria.) When I got to the interview, the guy I was going to be talking to was standing outside and when he realized I walked, he said, “Why didn’t you tell me, I could have came and picked you up?” It was about seven blocks. So, really, don’t think I needed a ride. Even when we were done with the interview he said, “I can give you a ride back.” Really? It’s seven blocks. I thanked him for the offer and then headed out the door and down the street. (Good thing I wore my tennis shoes when I rode in that morning because the heels my husband brought to work for me wouldn’t have been that comfortable to walk in…they are definitely not walking shoes!)

When I got back to work, my husband, who kept offering for me to use his car because he didn’t think I should be riding bike to work or apparently walking to my interviews, said this:

“If people saw you, I bet you got some tails waggin’ because people probably thought you got a DWI or something and lost you license. That’s why you’ve been biking and walking.”

Really? Wow!

My thought was: I bet if people see me they are probably thinking, “Wow! She’s really taking this fitness thing serious. Now she’s biking to work and walking around town. How cool is that?”

Two different people. Two different perspectives.

I have to say, honestly, I kind of liked biking to work. I really did. And if I know I don’t have any out-of-town interviews, I might do it some more. The early morning rides were…Beautiful. Brisk. Serene. Quiet. Lovely. The evening bike rides were…not so much. I would say they were busy, maybe a little dangerous, but still fun.

So, until the snow flies, if you are in the Alexandria area and happen to see a professionally dressed woman wearing tennis shoes riding her bike to and from work, it’s probably me. Honk and wave when you go by, I’ll give you a wave and a smile back.

But just remember, it was MY choice to ride bike. Not the choice of authorities because I got a DWI!!!!

8 thoughts on “Riding bike to work

  1. Isn’t bike commuting fantastic?! Seriously the BEST way to start the day! I’ve biked to work (11 miles one way!) once or twice a week most of the summer, and despite being sweaty when I arrive, I feel great and am so glad I biked. Keep up the awesome work, Celeste! 🙂


  2. I totally saw you biking yesterday morning – purse slung over your shoulder and everything!!! You looked cute! Good for you! The DUI thing never came to mind…


  3. I find it facinating that people in this community are lead to think that a person walking/biking (non recreation wise) may have gotten a DWI, thus no motor vehicle to use. Strange. This is somthing we need to change if more people are going to get out and walk/bike to the grocery store, mall, work etc… Thank you for sharing your story and helping to break this barrier.


  4. I seen you biking home Thursday night, and my first thought acctually was “your taking this exersising seriously now” Good for you.


  5. I hear ya! I’ve walked to work or interviews before simply because, why not? I get a little excersize and save some gas money in the meantime. But you’re right. People insist on giving rides. That’s very nice of them, but sometimes people just want a quick workout 🙂


  6. I did it a few times to work, but in the uniform I wear it’s not really comfortable to be riding in. The 5am rides are awesome the 5pm ride home was interesting and in the reverse the 5pm ride in was sweaty and icky and no place to shower. Good for you, wish I’d done it this year. I always say I’m going to (only 4 miles one way) and I don’t!


  7. I leave a pair of shoes at work and put a pair of pants, socks, and a shirt in a backpack for my 9.5-mile ride. That way I can wear appropriate clothing for cycling during the ride. Since mornings are cool, I shower when I get up and don’t get too sweaty on the ride. Lunches are a little tricky. I can usually shove my lunch in the backpack. The cool fall days are perfect for riding and you can usually ride into early November. I have a friend who rides 17 miles – one-way – every day of the year, no matter what the temp or snow amount. He’s got studded tires and even a Pugsly bike for snowy weather.


  8. I am so glad to have read your article ! I recently moved to Shreveport for a job and being fresh out of school, I have no money to buy a car. So my boyfriend (stays in SFO) suggested that I could ride a bike to work which is only about a mile away. I had many many inhibitions about doing that because I was conscious about what people might say/think !
    NOW, I am totally excited to ride to work everyday !
    Gracias !


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