Sunday was an all-out food fest : (

Wow, I haven’t had a day like I did yesterday in a really, really long time. Not exactly sure (although I might have a guess) what happened to me, but I completely lost control. And I mean completely. It wasn’t very pretty, but because I am real and because I have always shared the goods – and the bads – I am going to share with you what happened yesterday even though for the first time, I am a little embarrassed. Really, I am.

First, I am going to back up to Saturday, which was a great day. Because I had posted the other day about how I was going to start exercising again on Saturday, I had to do it. I didn’t want to let anybody down. I was dreading exercising outside because 1. It was hot. and 2. It was windier than windy. So, I decided what the heck and jumped on my treadmill. Now, some of you know that I really don’t like running on my treadmill,  but for some reason, I knew that if I was going to get in a run on Saturday, it was going to be on my treadmill. And you know what? I actually didn’t mind it. I did a total of five miles. That’s the longest run I have ever had on my treadmill. I turned it into a game and really pushed myself. I would run really, really fast for a couple of minutes than jump off for 30 seconds to catch my breath and then when I jumped back on, I would run a little slower and then I would crank it up again. I repeated that the whole time. Really, it was kind of fun. I was VERY glad I did it.

Saturday evening, our friends, Brad and Linda, came over and we made kabobs. They brought a bunch of stuff from their garden and it was AWESOME. I ate a huge plate full of food, but it was all good because most of what was on my plate was veggies. I also had a few pieces of steak and a couple pieces of chicken. Seriously, it was so good. Here’s a picture of just the veggies:

Well, besides the food, we also had wine. Unfortunately, I think that is where my problem on Sunday came from….I am pretty sure I had too much wine! I am not a prude in any way, shape or form (which I think Brad and Linda found out on Saturday night), but I really don’t drink that much anymore. My husband and I have wine with our Saturday night meals, but I don’t usually get drunk. Well, not sure what happened Saturday night, but yep, I was. We had a really good time, but wow, did I pay for it on Sunday.

So really, was Sunday that bad? Yes, it was. I actually felt fine, but I was HUNGRY. Really, really hungry. So, here goes…this is a list of everything I ate on Sunday. No jokes. This is true. And it really is ridiculous.

My food fest included (in no particular order): A taco bravo and large potato oles from Taco John’s with a side of the house dressing (which by the way, I haven’t had Taco John’s in about two years), two big bowls of Lucky Charms, a sloppy Joe sandwich, a huge salad with lots of cheese, croutons, tomatoes and a creamy-based dressing (I didn’t make it, we had it at my nieces birthday party), corn on the cob with butter (I usually use the spray butter stuff), tons of watermelon, three pieces of cake (yep, you read it right, three), tons of Doritos and cheese and crackers. And I drank a ton…diet 7Up and water, lots of water.

So, I am mad about Sunday. No, not really. Disappointed? Maybe. But like I said, though, I am probably more just a little embarrassed. Mostly about the cake (They weren’t small pieces by any means). I mean, really, did I have to eat THREE pieces of cake?  No, but dang it was so good.

If you are wondering if I tallied up my Weight Watchers points, I am guessing you already know the answer. Nope. I didn’t. I just know it would have been a ton.

Well, it’s Monday, the start of a new week. Time for a fresh start. And I am so looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on “Sunday was an all-out food fest : (

  1. Thank you for being human. I’m just starting my journey with weight watchers and some days are tough. I enjoy reading your blog.


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