50…fifty…five zer-oh!

So, what’s with the number? It is the total pounds I have lost since I started Weight Watchers nearly two years ago.

As many of you know, I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle on November 19, 2008. Last August, I think it was the 15th to be exact, I reached the goal that was set for me, which was 155 pounds. When my leader at WW set my goal, it was at the top of the weight range chart for what I should weigh based on my height, which is five-feet, six-inches tall. The healthy weight range for people my height is between 124 and 155 pounds. The weight ranges used by Weight Watchers is based on Body Mass Index (BMI).

I distinctly remember the day she set my goal…I was terrified. I thought there is no way in God’s green Earth that I can reach this goal. I knew immediately what I was going to do…I was going to get a note from my doctor explaining that 155 wasn’t the number for me and that I should probably be at 160 instead. Yes, that was exactly what I was going to do.

Well, I am glad I didn’t because I have finally reached the 50-pound mark and have stayed here consistently the last couple of weeks. I am happy and proud to say that I not only reached my WW weight goal of 155, I surpassed it! I am now 15 – YES, FIFTEEN – pounds UNDER my goal weight. I have reached 140 pounds!

And although I have talked before about how numbers shouldn’t matter when it comes to clothing, women can’t lie, the numbers do matter. I try hard not to let them matter, but I’m sorry, they do. How stupid, I know. But anyway, I went from a size 14-16 to now, sizes 4, 6 and occasionally 8.

I couldn’t be more happier.

3 thoughts on “50…fifty…five zer-oh!

  1. Great job! I have a couple of questions..
    I did WW 8 years ago got to lifetime and kept it off for a couple. Along came baby number 2 and 4 years later I am struggling. Here are my questions..
    If I want to go back to weight watchers meetings do I have to pay each time I am not at goal weight? Or do I just start over fresh? Any recommendations?


  2. Hi Teresa…

    As a lifetime member, you would just pay each time until you got back to your goal weight. AND, that is what I recommend. I would start back at your meeting immediately and then just keep going until you get to your goal weight. Then, at least go once a month, but if you can, I would continue going because it would be free once you hit your lifetime status again. It definitely can’t hurt, can it? I love Weight Watchers, but I know it’s not for everyone. If it worked for you once, you know you can do it again. So, what are you waiting for….JUST DO IT! Get back on the program. You CAN do it. Keep me posted….send me an email…confessionsofaformerfatgirl@gmail.com!


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