Solo race

I ran my first solo race yesterday. This does not mean I was the only participant, it means that I did it by myself, as in my husband didn’t come with me. I was on my own.

I didn’t really plan on participating in this particular race (it was the 5K race in Glenwood for the Waterama fest). I decided the day before that I would run it. I knew my husband wasn’t able to make it and so maybe that is why I kind of blew it off. But then I decided, "What the heck! I can do it by myself!"

I have to admit, though, it felt weird. Yes, I know, I just wrote about how I wasn’t going to run with him and I am still sticking to that, but it just felt weird and I have to say, I kind of missed him.

I didn’t necessarily miss him when I was running because for the first time, I really just concentrated on me, myself and I. Weird and different, but nice. Not having him for that part was actually okay (sorry, honey!).

It was the not having him there at the beginning and the end that I missed. It was not being there together at the start and at the finish (even though we would have finished at different times), the talking together, the stretching together, the team effort, you know what I mean? We are a team and I like that part. I like having him there at the start because, really, I guess, he does energize me. It was strange. Really it was.

I am glad I did it, even though I did it alone. And actually, I wasn’t alone. I knew a few people there, which was pretty cool.

The race itself was grueling. There were two hills, which I am not used to. Not at all. Not even one little bit. I have done inclines, which I consider hills, but really, at yesterday’s race, I actually did two hills. One of them was a half-mile long. But I did it. I actually ran during the both hills. I did eventually walk a couple of times, but not on the hills. I ran those suckers.

Despite the two hills, the heat and humidity, walking at least twice, but maybe three times and the problem I have been having lately with my breathing and the feeling of wanting to throw up, I didn’t do too bad. My official time was 31:40. I’ll take that time. I’m not ashamed of it. I was actually pretty happy with it. 

And I was very happy to get back home. But not necessarily to see my hubby. I had a date with my massage lady at 11 a.m.!!!!! And boy, did it feel great.

Next up, my 20th year class reunion, which is next Saturday in Willmar. And then the Saturday after that is the 5K race in Elbow Lake for the Flekkefest. Thanks to my reader, Heather, for suggesting it. 

Oh, as far as my eating goes, I have to say I have been doing much better. I still have treats, which I am enjoying more and more and not feeling as guilty when I eat them as I used to. I am exercising at least four days a week if not five or six, so I figure, a treat every now and then is okay. I am maintaining my weight – it hovers between 140 to 142 pounds – so eating little treats like McDonald’s ice cream cones or a couple of glazed doughnut balls or several pieces of chocolate or a half of a white chocolate Kit Kat bar is not hurting me. 

For right now, I am happy with how things are going. I am happy with my exercise. I am happy with my eating habits. I am happy with my life. 

For right now, anyway!

One thought on “Solo race

  1. Running solo IS a lot different than running with someone. I run much faster when I run with somebody else for some strange reason. It sounds like you are experiencing a wide variety of ways to run, and are having a lot of fun in the process. Try to keep it enjoyable so you’ll want to continue. By the way, if you can say you are happy with your life, you must be doing some things right! Keep up the positive mind set: That’s a runners best friend!


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