Short, funny and cute story

Last night, I crawled into bed before my husband, which is really not a surprise to anyone who knows me because I always tend to go to bed early. Last night, however, I didn’t.

And for some reason, whenever I crawl in to bed, I love to pull the blankets completely up and over my head so you really can’t seem me…other than the big lump under the blankets in the middle of the bed. 

Well, when my husband walked into the room, he said, "You know, your not as big of a hump in the bed anymore."

I kind of chuckled and said, "What?"

He said, "You know. I can barely see that you’re in there."

He was talking about the shape of my body under the blankets. He said I didn’t make as big of a hump, which I think he meant lump or bump, under the blankets. I didn’t stick up as much.

I started laughing really hard. Then, I thought to myself, "That is the best compliment ever!"

Thanks, honey!

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