Simple, healthy, tasty and filling

Okay, I just have to tell you what we had for supper tonight. It was quite simple, super healthy and incredibly delicious! 

We had top sirloin steak on the grill, very lean and trimmed of all fat. My husband marinades it in a packet of Grill Mates seasoning in the mesquite flavor (this is my son’s absolutely favorite stuff in the whole wide world). Love is just not a strong enough word for how he feels about this stuff. We each had one piece of steak, mine was the smallest. Always is. I am guessing (I actually didn’t weigh it this time) my piece was about four ounces and the other two pieces were probably between five and six ounces. 

Then, we all had salads…my son’s was a little bit bigger than ours because he didn’t have anything else with his meal, whereas my husband and I had cooked baby carrots. My husband also had grilled mushrooms, but neither I or my son like those ishy things! And yes, we have both tried them…several times.

Oh, and my husband and I shared a grilled red bell pepper that had marinaded in balsamic vinegar for just a bit. Seriously, if you have never tried this, I am telling you right now that you have to. You just have to. My husband cuts the bell pepper in rings and then we put them in a plastic baggie with some balsamic vinegar and a little sea salt. We let them sit for just a bit (maybe 10 minutes) and then he lays them right on the grill. Oh My! They are like candy. Seriously, I am telling you, they are the best ever. We do this with any color bell peppers…green, yellow, orange, it really doesn’t matter. My favorite, however, is the red. YUMMY!

So, my meal consisted of a smallish piece of steak; a nice size salad with two tablespoons Kraft Free Zesty Italian dressing, one tablespoon Great Value reduced-fat parmesan cheese (it comes in a shaker and can be found at Walmart) and about a half a cup of grape tomatoes; about a cup of cooked baby carrots lightly sprayed with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray; and half a red bell pepper. That’s it people. 

I didn’t have potatoes dripping in butter or a piece of steak the size of Texas and I didn’t have two slices of bread slathered in butter or anything drizzled with a cheese sauce or anything like that. And you know what, I am just fine. I got full. My meal was full of flavor. It was awesome. 

Okay, so you want to know how many Weight Watchers points that was? I’ll break it down for you: Lettuce – 0; tomatoes – 0; dressing – 0; parmesan cheese – 0; carrots – .5 (one half); butter spray – .5 (one half); and steak – 5. My total points for that whole meal was only 6…six points. Unbelievable. Really. Truly. (Because I didn’t measure my steak, I used the "set points" option for points.)

A hamburger at Burger King is 7 points. Seven. Yes. A simple hamburger. Really, people, is it worth it? 

One thought on “Simple, healthy, tasty and filling

  1. Isn’t it great how Weight Watchers has helped us make small choices that significantly lower our calorie intake?! Grilled meats served with lots of vegetables on the side are a staple in our family diet too. Thanks for the idea for the red peppers: I’m going to try it soon!


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