Class reunions

I decided I am going to share with you the column I wrote for our paper today. I work at the Echo Press newspaper in Alexandria and on Fridays, on the Opinion page, the editorial team (including our Sports department and Life department) rotate writing a column called Our Turn. 

Well, today was my turn and I wrote about going to my upcoming class reunion, which is set for July 31 in Willmar. 

So, if you want, check out my column, which was titled, "Why go to class reunion?" copied below. Hope you enjoy it!

I am going to my high school class reunion in July and I am looking forward to it. Really, truly, looking forward to it.
Those who know me will probably find that hard to believe. They probably think it’s kind of odd or weird.
See, I didn’t have the best time in school, high school in particular. In fact, I didn’t attend my 10-year class reunion and when it came time to write about my favorite high school memories in the reunion booklet, my response was, “Absolutely none.”
And then I blathered on about how I didn’t fit in and how all the “cool” people in my class were a bunch of, well, not so nice people. It was what I felt at the time. And to be honest, looking back, I am glad I wrote it and I don’t regret it.
However, it wasn’t very nice and it didn’t necessarily make me feel any better.
So why am I excited now about the reunion? Why do I want to attend? After all these years – 20 of them to be exact – what’s the point? What does it matter?
Well, because I am a different person now. I am happy. Truly happy. I like who I am and who I’ve become.
I think I have finally forgiven and no longer hold onto any grudges. I don’t harbor any resentment or have any more negative feelings.
Really? Who am I kidding? Let’s be honest here. Why do people really go to their class reunions? Isn’t it to show off, check out other classmates and see what they look like, who they married, what they’ve done with their lives? Isn’t it to make ourselves feel better about who we are? Isn’t it to prove a point?
Yes…and no.
Not too long ago, I was still unsure about whether or not I was going to attend my reunion. I posted something about it on my Facebook wall and the response was not what I expected. I think everyone encouraged me to go.
But there was one response that really made me think. It was actually a personal message that was sent to me by a classmate. A classmate whom I didn’t necessarily hang out with, but someone I knew and talked to on a somewhat regular basis.
This classmate recalled – unfortunately – what I wrote in the 10-year reunion booklet and said he felt the same way. That he felt excluded because he was, like me, a little different. He said we actually had a lot in common. I was kind of taken aback by his comments – but in a good way.
He told me he went to the 10-year reunion and was pleasantly surprised by how the classmates were; how they acted, how they were different because there were no cliques to stick with. He said everyone mingled, together.
He also said, “I believe that time heals all wounds and I hope you find that time has healed yours.”
My reply back to him was, “Thanks for the message. Dang, though, I was really hoping no one would remember what I wrote. Oh well, I am glad I said it.”
He said the reason he remembered was that he was upset with what some classmates were saying about my entry in the booklet at the 10-year reunion. “I stepped up to remind them of how they acted in high school,” he said. “They then had an ‘aha’ moment and recanted.”
I decided that maybe time is a good thing and that yes, it does help to heal old wounds and that maybe, just maybe, seeing some of my classmates might be kind of fun, maybe even a little entertaining and eye-opening.
Maybe my expectations might be kind of high, but the past is the past and this is now. I plan to walk into the reunion with an open mind and an open heart. Whatever happens, happens. And I am OK with that. I am at peace with it all.
Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I found a killer dress to wear and I will be walking in on the arm of my handsome husband. Does it?

2 thoughts on “Class reunions

  1. I enjoyed high school, but was overweight my whole life. . . as an adult, steadily gaining weight for years, I avoided seeing anyone I had known for years. I had gastric bypass surgery three years ago and have now lost 180 pounds. I can’t WAIT for my next reunion. Not to show off or shove it in anyone’s face–I truly liked (and like) these people–but because I now feel good about myself and am not ashamed of how I look. Can’t wait to share the new me, that I felt inside all along!! 🙂


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