I’m sorry

Hello everyone…

Wow! I guess it has been awhile. Sorry about that. Life has been a little busier, but I should have taken the time to let you all know how it’s been going. For that, I apologize.

Well…I guess it has been going good. Actually, kind of great. Maybe that is why I haven’t had much to say. I feel like if things are going great, then nobody will want to read about it. Sometimes I think that people like to only hear when things aren’t going so well. But, maybe not. I guess I am not really sure.

I know for me, I love to hear when people are doing well. I love to hear how they’ve succeeded and about what they’ve accomplished. I love hearing the good things about people’s lives. I think it energizes me.

So, if you like to hear/read about the good things, here goes: I have been maintaining my weight fairly well. Actually, it has been great. I have been staying between 142 and 144 pounds pretty consistently. I guess that’s not too bad considering my goal weight was 155! It’s so weird. I never thought I would hit 155, much less 150 and now, I am under 145 pounds. Crazy. Seriously. Weird. AND, AWESOME.

And let’s see, exercising? Well, that’s been going great as well. Once I got over my bronchitis, which seemed to take forever, I have been back at it. Tina and I have been hitting hard on Monday and Friday mornings. In fact, last Friday, I had to change the schedule on her and the only time I could do it was at 5:30 a.m. and she was okay with. I was so proud of her…and proud of myself for getting up that early to exercise. I felt great the whole rest of the day. I love working out with Tina. She’s the best workout buddy! Oh, and I have also been running. In fact, I actually did a five-mile run…my longest to date. I did two miles with my husband and then three miles by myself. It was awesome.

As for food…I have my ups and downs, but I stay pretty focused and if I stray a little, I get right back on track. I think I have finally found that balance that we all strive for. I have finally got to a point where I don’t beat myself up for having ice cream or a piece of cake or some candy or whatever it may be. Instead, I just work out harder or exercise extra minutes or whatever. 

You see, I think that is the balance. Eating healthy 90 percent of time, treating myself 10 percent of the time. But exercising at least four to five times per week. I am not necessarily talking hardcore exercising, but moving, doing something, anything but sit on my butt in front of the TV or the computer, for that matter.

Anyway, my husband and I have another 5K coming up. It’s this Saturday, June 19 in Osakis. We have a 5K in September in Alexandria and I am hoping to maybe do a couple more sometime, somewhere. 

AND, my hubby and I are planning to do a 10K…yet this year. Believe it or not, it was my husband’s idea. I was so proud of him for that. We already planned to do the Fargo 10K next year, but he came across a 10K in October in Fargo that we think we are going to do. It all hinges on his leg, his hammy to be exact.

He did something to it a few weeks ago and so he has been taking it easy. Actually, it was kind of funny. The day I sent in our registration for the Osakis 5K, we went out running that same night. That’s the night he pulled his hamstring or whatever. It wasn’t funny at the time, but now, it kind of is. He has been taking it easy and slow and if Saturday’s race goes okay, we are going to sign up for the Fargo 10K in October…I think.

I guess we’ll see.

Take care everyone and I promise not to go so long between blog posts. Or at least I’ll try!

If you feel like talking, feel free to send me an email…my blog email address is confessionsofaformerfatgirl@gmail.com. That’s confessions of a former fat girl at gmail dot com!

3 thoughts on “I’m sorry

  1. You’re on that slippery slope, so be careful! You start out running 3 miles, then do a 5K, now you’re running 5 miles, feeling great, and planning a 10K. Before you know it, you will be planning even more! I think the 5 mile distance is when I started planning on doing more. By the way, I just did a quick calculation using a web site “http://www.everydayhealth.com/Calories-Burned-Running.htm” and found you burned about 525 calories during your little jaunt. Isn’t that great?!


  2. I am happy to hear of your progress! Have you gotten to the point where you actually like to run yet? Congrats on the 5 miler!


  3. GFB…wow, that’s a lot of calories. I use a Garmin when I run and it is supposed to calculate calories, but sometimes, I don’t think it always works right. Regardless, I am just glad I am moving!

    Fat Man…Yes, I have finally gotten to the point where I do like to run and actually kind of miss it if I don’t do it. Who would have ever thought I would be a runner. Crazy!

    Thanks for the comments, guys! Much appreciated.


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