What’s on my grocery list?

Food. We all love it, right? And we all love different types of food – some of it good for us and some, not so much. As many people know, it can be more expensive to eat healthy, but I guess I am willing to pay the price. But I know it can be hard for some people, especially if they are feeding a family.

Although my husband does most of the grocery shopping, and yes, as many of you know, he does most of the cooking, too, I do find myself going to the grocery store every now and then.

Okay, yes, I know I am spoiled. I will admit.

Regardless, I do spend time perusing the aisles of our three grocery stores here in town. Although I will admit I spend most of my time at Walmart, whereas my husband shops at the other two locally-owned grocery stores. We like to spread our money around, I guess.

When I go to the grocery store, it is usually to buy “my” kind of food – the fruits, the veggies and other good-for-me stuff.

So, what do I buy when I go? What are my staple foods? I decided to make a list and share it with all of you. Keep in mind I don’t buy all of this stuff all of the time, these are just the things that I typically buy. Also, I try to buy my fruit in season – it can be way cheaper.

Fruit – almost always fresh, occasionally frozen and never in a can!
Bing Cherries
Watermelon (I only buy this if I am having company)

Veggies – about half and half fresh and frozen and never in a can!
Corn – Birds Eye Steamfresh frozen or in the summer, corn on the cob
Green beans – Birds Eye Steamfresh frozen or fresh
Sugar snap peas – always fresh
Broccoli – Birds Eye Steamfresh frozen and occasionally fresh
Sweet potatoes – yes, I count this as a veggie – fresh
Regular potatoes – again, yes, I count this as a veggie – always fresh
Zucchini – always fresh
Summer yellow squash – always fresh
Tomatoes – yes, I know it’s a fruit, but I count it as a veggie – always fresh
Lettuce – always the bag kind
Bell peppers – we eat a ton of these in green, yellow, orange and red varieties

Everything else
Village Hearth 40-calorie bread – either wheat or the 12-grain
Sara Lee 45-calorie bread – either wheat or 12-grain
Arnolds Sandwich Thins – all varieties except white
Thomas Bagel Thins – all varieties
Flatout tortillas – the healthy ones
Village Hearth light hamburger buns – wheat
Village Hearth light hot dog buns – wheat
Oscar Meyer smoked turkey breast – this comes in a rectangular-shaped container
Hebrew National 97% fat-free beef hot dogs – I love these on the grill in the summer
Boca soy burgers – the grilled ones, they are found in the freezer section
Weight Watchers string cheese
2% milk cheese slices – 50 calories – I usually buy whichever brand is the cheapest
Laughing Cow light swiss cheese – most often found in the deli section
I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter – the spray bottle
Yoplait light thick and creamy yogurt – the French vanilla flavor
Fiber One cottage cheese
Fiber One original cereal
Quaker quick grits – regular flavor
Smuckers sugar-free concord grape jam
Jell-O 60-calorie pudding – either the vanilla or the dulce de leche flavor
Jolly Time microwave popcorn, mini bags – the healthy one in the kettle corn flavor
Weight Watchers giant fudge bars
Weight Watchers giant cookies and cream fudge bars
Skinny Cow mint truffle ice cream bars
Baked Lays potato chips – plain
Milwaukee’s kosher dill pickles
NearEast couscous – regular flavor
Great Value brand sugar-free maple syrup
Great Value brand reduced-fat parmesan cheese – in the shaker
Great Value brand butter-flavored cooking spray
Balsamic vinegar

I buy some items online like my pasta (Fiber Gourmet), my peanut butter (PB2 powdered peanut butter) and my muffin tops (Vitalicious Vita Tops).

My husband usually takes care of buying the meat. He usually buys boneless, skinless chicken breasts; top sirloin steaks (very lean ones); boneless pork tenderloin pork chops; ground chicken; 93-95 percent lean ground hamburger; and occasionally beef or pork roasts, but they are always very lean. He grills whatever meat we are having for supper about 95 percent of the time – yes, even in the winter.

Yes, there are so many more things I buy, but this is rough outline or rough guess of what I can remember without actually being in the grocery store.

I don’t know if it will help anyone or not, but I thought I would just put it out there so you can see what types of food I eat!

If you have any questions about any of the items listed, feel free to ask. You can either post a comment or send me an email – my email address is confessionsofaformerfatgirl@gmail.com.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed my grocery list!

6 thoughts on “What’s on my grocery list?

  1. Oh, and of course, I buy Ketchup and mustard (although my husband is the only one who uses mustard…gross!). I do NOT however by or use mayo/salad dressing in any way, shape or form. Just not a big fan of it. Oh, and one more thing, I use Kraft Free Zesty Italian dressing on my salads and sometimes as a dipping sauce for grilled chicken!


  2. Where do you buy the Hebrew National 97% fat-free beef hot dogs? I buy the Oscar Meyer 98% fat free hot dogs, and they are OK, but not great. I’d like to try the ones you buy, but I haven’t seen them in Grand Forks.


  3. GFBison….I usually find them at Walmart or I think they are at both our grocery stores here in town. If I buy them, it’s at Walmart!


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