I’m not perfect

Why does it seem lately that I feel out of place for trying to be healthy? The key word here is "trying."

I am not perfect in anyway, shape or form, as most people know by the blogs I write, but I definitely do try to make better choices. I try not to be preachy about my choices, or at least I sure as heck don’t want to come across that way. I don’t want to come across as being bitchy either. I don’t judge people by the choices they make. I have been in those situations, I have been in their shoes. But the thing is, I am not anymore. But I am also not an expert and once again, I hope I don’t come across as trying to be one. 

When I am with friends or family, sometimes I feel bad for making good or at least, better, choices. Most of the time, I feel proud of who I’ve become and what I have accomplished, but like I said, I am not perfect. Yes, I exercise now on a regular basis, but I don’t want to rub that in anyone’s face. People have to make their own choices. It took me many years before I finally decided I had had enough and wanted a healthier lifestyle. But it was my choice, it wasn’t anyone shoving it down my throat or "making" me do it. I did for me. It was about me. Not anyone else.

So I don’t eat at fast food restaurants anymore, or barely, it doesn’t mean I don’t eat "bad" foods once in awhile, but that’s the key, ONCE IN AWHILE. I mean, my goodness, how many times have I written about Cold Stone Creamery? Or about cake and cookies I have eaten? The key, like I have probably said a hundred times is MODERATION!!! 

People can enjoy life’s little pleasures, whether it be sweets or salty snacks or wine or beer or whatever, but I chose not to have those little pleasure all the time. BUT, I surely don’t judge people who do. It is there choice. Just like it is my choice for wanting a better, healthier lifestyle for myself. 

Okay, I will jump off my soapbox now. Sorry, I just felt the need to rant a little.

How about you check out the bio information my husband wrote for me for a website, onlynaturalfood.com, that I am going to be a featured blogger on in the near future. I will write more about that later, but check this out…I thought he did a fantastic job! 

"Three of Celeste Edenloff’s passions are writing, food and more recently, getting into shape.
So it only seemed natural for her to start a blog on the topic.
Celeste, who freely admits she doesn’t hold a degree in nutrition and is not a fitness guru, explains what it takes to lose weight, keep it off (at least for now!) and change your lifestyle in an honest, tell-it-like-is style.
Dozens of her blog followers – and more every week – thank her for providing the down-to-earth motivation and tips that have helped them lead healthier lives.
Celeste cringes at the word “diet” because she believes it’s only a temporary solution doomed to fail once the diet ends. Instead, she believes in a permanent approach to food and fitness that naturally guides people into making healthier choices the rest of their lives.
Celeste lives in Alexandria, Minnesota with her husband, Al, and 16-year-old son, Brandon. She is a reporter for a newspaper in a community brimming with lakes. She enjoys running, walking, biking, rollerblading, shopping, spending time on her computer and relaxing with her hubby and sipping wine."

Seriously, isn’t he the best! Thanks, Al!!!!!

One thought on “I’m not perfect

  1. It’s true: When we discover something new about a healthier lifestyle, we become excited and scream it from the rooftops. Some people see it as “preaching,” but I see it as excitement, plain and simple. Life is so much better when we have things that excite us, whether it is our spouse, child, job, or a new food! You are excited about being healthy, and that’s a good thing: Keep up the good work!


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