Haven’t been happy

The past two weeks have not been fun. I’ve been sick. And you want to know what happens when you’re sick? You don’t exercise. My last run was on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. I have walked a couple of times since then, but haven’t done anything else.

It sucks.

On Tuesday, I finally went to the doctor and found out I have bronchitis. Oh joy. Yippee. Not happy. He gave me the good ol’ Z-Pak and some Robitussin with codeine. I am finally starting to feel somewhat better. Somewhat.

But see, here’s the thing…I have a 5K race. On Friday. In Fargo. As in tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. I am still debating whether or not I should do it, but I have to say, I am leaning more toward doing it. I will have four days of the five-day antibiotics taken, plus, I have my son’s inhaler I am bringing with me. Yes, I talked to the doctor (who by the way is running the half-marathon on Saturday in Fargo) and he said it would be okay to use my son’s inhaler. He actually told me I should go ahead and do the race and that it might be good for me. If I am feeling better, that is.

Seriously? Well, I think he might actually be right. 

I actually can’t believe I am going to say what I  am about to say, but…I…Miss…Exercise!!!!!!

Yes, I really do. I miss working up a sweat. It feels so good to sweat, doesn’t it? I keep replaying my last run in my head and remember how good it felt. I keep thinking about the Jillian Michaels exercise DVDs I’ve been doing and how she really, really makes me sweat. I keep thinking about how good I feel when I am done exercising.

It’s amazing that in less than two weeks time, I can tell a difference with my body that I haven’t been exercising. It’s almost as if I am going backward. But, really, I know I am not. It just feels that way. I feel weak. I feel like things are starting to sag again. Not kidding about that one. It just stinks.

I just want to feel better. I just want to quit coughing. I just want my ribs not to hurt from coughing. I just want it back to normal. Yes, I sometimes, can be a whiner. 

I am hoping for a great night’s sleep tonight, with no coughing attacks and then maybe sleep in tomorrow morning. (Yes, I have been working while I have been sick. Actually, I have put in more hours than usual because I am quite busy right now, which probably hasn’t helped me heal because I have had a lack of sleep.)

Anyway, if you are in Fargo tomorrow and feel like watching the 5K tomorrow night, look for me. I will be the one dragging my butt along, breathing heavily, perhaps coughing, but nonetheless, doing it. I have to. Don’t I?

3 thoughts on “Haven’t been happy

  1. The weakness you’re feeling is probably due to the infection, and not lack of exercise. Your body is spending a lot of its energy fighting the germs, so you don’t have a lot left for the other things in your life like running. I hope you feel up to the 5K, and that you will be able to do it! I wish you all the best, you’ve come a long way: Keep it up!


  2. Good luck in the 5K! I’ll be cheering on my wife so hopefully I can pick you out of the crowd. Do your best!


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