C is for Cookie

I wanted a cookie today. It’s not unusual, really, but my mouth was watering for my favorite kind of cookie – Lofthouse soft frosted sugar cookies. The kind of cookies I used to buy and hide under my seat. Yep, those ones.

So, when I headed for lunch, I stopped by the grocery store and bought some. I really did. And when I got to my car, I set them on the seat next to me, ran a couple more errands and then on my drive home, I ate one. I didn’t hide it. I didn’t even care if anyone saw me buying them or even eating one. That’s the key. It was one. Not four, not three, not even two. ONE!

I did it. I bought a dozen of them and only ate one. And, I didn’t hide the package under my seat when I was done. And you want to know something else? It didn’t even taste that good. Sadly, kind. But happily, really. Wait, did that make sense? Oh, well. Doesn’t matter. There may be a couple of reasons why it didn’t taste that good…one, I still have a cold, which by the way, really stinks, and two, I am thinking the cookies weren’t the freshest. I didn’t look at the date, but they were decorated like Easter eggs. 

See, here’s the deal. When I walked into the store, there weren’t any Lofthouse cookies displayed up front like they usually are. So, I had to walk back to the bakery, which I typically avoid because of well, all the sweet stuff back there that always looks really, really good. Anyway, on the table where the Lofthouse cookies normally are were not the kind of Lofthouse cookies I like. Typically, Lofthouse cookies are soft sugar cookies, almost cake-like cookies, with a real, sugary, almost cake-like frosting on them. This time, the only Lofthouse cookies on the table were chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter…all with no frosting. I didn’t see any of the frosted kind. My kind. EXCEPT, the one package of the Easter Egg shaped ones. 

So I bought ’em, ate one and then threw the rest of the package in the garbage. Yep, I just threw them away. Luckily, the whole package only cost $1.50. Even if that one cookie didn’t taste that great, I could have easily eaten the whole package. So, by throwing them away, it saved me a ton of calories. If that’s what it takes, I am okay with that. Really, I am.

Oh, and by the way, I did exercise this morning and I did log that one, single, solitary cookie on my Weight Watchers food log. Three points. And even if it didn’t taste that good, it was still worth it. 

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