You might enjoy these pics…

Okay, I was going through some pictures tonight and found some before pics and some after pics that I thought might like to see.

All I can say is WOW! Hope you enjoy them as much I did:

This was Christmas of 2007. Seriously, my face was so CHUBBY! I kind of miss the red highlights I used to put in my hair, though. Kind of cool, huh? 

This was April of 2008 on a weekend trip to Chicago with my sisters. Uff da. 

This was October 8, 2008. I have probably posted this one before, but this is the one that always gets me. I basically started Weight Watchers one month after this. As much as I loved this day (it’s the day I got married to the bestest man in the whole world), I don’t particularly care for the photos.

And, here are some new ones from this past weekend:

May of 2010 – my husband and I were supposed to go the Twins game, but it unfortunately got rained out. Hopefully we’ll take in a game sometime this summer.

My son, Brandon, myself and my husband, Al, went to Chanhassen Dinner Theatre on Saturday night, May 8, to see Footloose. This was taken before the play.

This was taken on Sunday, May 9 at the Race for the Cure walk at the Mall of America. This is my sister, Karen, my sister, Donna (who is battling her second round of breast cancer right now) and my mom, Leona.

Let me know what you think either by posting a comment here or sending me an email to

4 thoughts on “You might enjoy these pics…

  1. You look terrific. I don’t know you but I’m proud of you. I, too, have lost weight. 40 pounds and I’m keeping it off. It feels so so so good, doesn’t it. How much have you lost and when?
    I see you are from Alexandria. That’s our stopping point for petro when we head to the Cities to see our sons and families. Don’t know if you’ve read my blog. I just started and it’s great, great fun.

    Ruby Girl, Naomi


  2. Greetings! I have to say, in all honesty, you look beautiful in ALL your photos. But I’m happy for you that you are at a weight at which you feel freer. Great work! It takes self-discipline and a deep desire to change.


  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies! So far, I have lost a total of about 45 pounds. I am not losing anymore, but am in the maintaining mode, which is sometimes harder than losing!


  4. Ahhhh….to have a waist again! I just started my new healthly living (about 3 weeks ago) and your site has been an inspiration to me, thank YOU!
    You look great! Keep on writing and being an inspiration….I need it!


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