I had a mammogram this morning and I have to share a funny story. First, this is my third mammogram I have ever had. I started when I was 35  because, unfortunately, my sister has breast cancer.

Actually, she could use a few prayers right now as she is battling it again. She was first diagnosed when she was 50 years old. Then, seven years later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer again. She is currently being treated for it. She’s fighting hard this time, but I know she is going to win the fight again! So, next time you’re saying your prayers, feel free to add one for my sister, Donna. Thanks.

So, this morning, at my mammo appointment, I told the technician about my weight loss and told her she would have less boob to squish this time. I explained that I had went from a size 38D to a size 36B! Well, because of this, she had to use the smaller-sized plates and for some reason, that cracked me up. After she plopped it up there, she said, "Oh, I think I’m going to have to use the smaller plate." I just smiled.

Then, I asked if she had my pictures from last year and she did. All I can say is WOW! There was definitely a difference. 

So, that is my funny story for the day.

Now, let me tell you what my family has planned for this weekend. It should be fun, but I am little nervous because there is going to be a lot of eating out. AARGHH!!!!

Tonight, we are headed to a MN Twins game at the new Target Field – well, depending if Mother Nature doesn’t decide to downpour on us, raining out the game. 

Tomorrow, we are meeting some family for lunch at the Mall of America and then my hubby, son and I are will be going to Chanhassen Dinner Theatre to see Footloose. Really excited about this!

Sunday should be the best day of all! Several members of my family – at least two sisters, a brother-in-law, mom and dad, sister-in-law, niece, nephew’s girlfriend, hubby and son – will be walking the 5K in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at the Mall of America! Seriously excited about this! 

I will post pictures from this weekend sometime next week.

Take care and remember, if you feel like sending me an email, you can now do so at Also, you can find Confessions of a Fat Girl on Facebook. Check it out, become a fan! I would love to have you!

One thought on “Mammo

  1. Make sure to bring the warm clothes! It’s not supposed to be terribly warm @ Target Field tonight, but the ballpark is amazing and wonderful and you’re going to love it! (says the girl who’s become an obsessed Twins fan, living 1/2 block north of Target Field)…. somewhere in Target Field is a place that makes stir-fry – probably not the healthiest thing, but I’d say it is better than the pork chop on a stick and cheese curds my husband had the other night at the game! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend in my neck of the woods! (we’re heading to Eau Claire to pamper my MIL for the weekend, as she’s been busy with finals week as a nursing prof @ UW-EC).


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