Kind of exciting news

Hey everyone, I kind of have exciting news…well, it is exciting to me anyway.

I decided to set up an email account for my blog for those who want to contact me with questions, comments or whatever you feel like! I know you can comment on here, but sometimes, people may want to keep it more private and that’s okay.

You can send your comments, questions, ramblings, thoughts or whatever your little heart desires to That’s confessions of a former fat girl at gmail dot com!!!! Yes, I know it’s kind of long, but all the other addresses I thought of were chosen already. Sorry!

So, I would love to hear from you. And I promise I will respond to each and every email I receive. But, just a fair warning, it may take me a day or two…or three, so don’t fret if you don’t hear from me immediately, okay? But I will respond, I promise. I love hearing from you.

And if ever you have an idea for me to write about or if there is a topic, or something you are dying to know, that maybe you want me to blog about, feel free to send me an email. Where to, you ask? Well, it’s simple (kind of!)…just send it to!

Anytime you feel like sending me a message, just send it to! Okay, I think you got it now. I’ll be waiting!

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