A day of shopping

Yesterday, I spent the day in Fargo with four other Weight Watchers gals. Two of them are leaders and two of them are receptionists, like me.

It was supposed to be a day of shopping and then we were to attend a three-hour seminar. The good news is the shopping was fabulous. I mean, FAB-U-LOUS!!! The bad news is the seminar was cancelled – two hours before it was supposed to start. 

As disappointed as I was about the seminar being cancelled, I still had an awesomely terrific day. Why? I’ll tell you.

Want to know something cool about spending the day with others who are Weight Watchers people and health conscious? You don’t have to worry about being the only one who chooses healthy entrees. You don’t have to be tempted by the delicious, fattening, not-good-for-you food that your friends order. You don’t have to feel guilty for skipping the cheese on your sandwich or whatever it may be. Really, it was awesome. Kind of enlightening, almost.

For lunch, we all ate at the food court at the West Acres Mall. As we walked in, we scanned the places to eat and immediately all headed to Subway. One ordered a salad with fat-free dressing; one ordered a veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread with a bag of baked BBQ chips; two ordered the chicken breast sandwich on whole wheat bread minus cheese or fattening dressing; and I ordered the ham and turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and a bag of plain baked chips. Three had diet pop and two of us had water.

Really, truly, it was awesome. There was no pressure. No temptations. No guilt. No regrets. It was fun.

And then for supper, we hit Granite City Brewery. We decided since the seminar was cancelled, we may as well go out to eat before we headed home. After we were handed the menus and the waiter came back to get our order, one of the ladies flat out asked him, "So what’s the healthiest thing on your menu?" His answer was comical. After listing off just two items – some grilled chicken sandwich and some grilled chicken entree – he said, "Well, we’re not really into healthy foods here." Or something like that. We all laughed.

I ordered the southwestern grilled chicken salad with a tequila lime vinaigrette dressing, which, okay, the dressing may not have been that healthy, but I asked the waiter to hold the cheese and the tortilla strips that were supposed to be on it. Everything else on the salad – the lettuce, tomatoes, corn, black beans and cilantro – was good for me. Two of the ladies ordered the grilled chicken entree; one ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with no sauce or dressing and no side of fries and she only ate the top part of the bun; and the other ordered just a side of broccoli, which I thought was pretty cool.

Again, no one felt guilty about ordering what they ordered. No one made fun of anybody for eating healthy. It truly was a great experience. I enjoyed every second of my trip.

But the best part of the whole day? When I tried on some dresses – size 8 dresses – and they fit. I know I have talked about sizing before and how it doesn’t matter or how it shouldn’t matter, but let’s face it, it does. I mean come on, who I am kidding? Who are women kidding when they say it doesn’t matter? The fact of the matter is that it felt great, downright euphoric and maybe, just maybe, a little powerful, for some reason. The last dress I bought was a size 14 or 16. And that was just a year and a half ago.

I ended up buying three of the dresses…I just might be attending that 20th-year class reunion after all! 

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