A morning at the doctor’s office…part 1

Well, I had my yearly check-up today. It went great…I think. 

My blood pressure was awesome, especially since I haven’t been taking my blood pressure pills in a very long time. I actually can’t remember when I went off of them, but I am guessing it was more than six months ago. It actually could have been a year ago. Regardless, I was thrilled when the nurse said the numbers out loud…108/70. What? Seriously? Yes!!!! I am back to having a normal blood pressure. That made my day.

And so did getting on the scale. Sort of. It just goes to show you that scales are different and it does make a difference on time and what you are wearing. This morning at home, at about 7:30-ish, my weight was 144. Even. 

At the doctor’s office, at about 10:30-ish, my weight was 146. Still happy about the number, but two pounds difference? Wow! Kind of weird. Kind of. But like the nurse said, after I told her that at home, three hours earlier, I was 144, I was wearing clothes and clothes makes a difference. Really? A two-pound difference? Whatever. I didn’t care. I was still happy with my number and the nurse actually gave me a hug after I told her I was excited to weigh myself and that I had just lost a bunch of weight.

The nurse is actually in the process of changing her lifestyle and has lost 20 pounds herself. That was so exciting to hear. She said she has been struggling though and that hearing my story was inspiring and gave her what she needed to get back on track. I wanted to jump up and give her a great, big, bear hug. But I didn’t. But I sure wanted to. I loved that I was inspiring to her. That makes me happy. I had her look back in my chart to see what my heaviest weight was and it was about 185, although there were three times that it said, "no weight listed." She said I must not have wanted to weigh myself those times. What? I didn’t think there was an option of not weighing yourself at the doctor. I always thought people HAD TO get weighed! Doesn’t matter. I was happy to step on the scale today. Very happy, indeed.

So, after visiting with my doctor (she’s a nurse practitioner, actually), whom I absolutely love, I was off on my merry way. My doc was very proud of me, too. It was kind of cool when she walked into the room and addressed me as Miss Skinny Minnie! That was kind of cool, really. It was nice to have a doctor tell me that I was doing the right thing and that she was proud of me. Maybe now I can finally, after 16 years, get out of my head what my doctor said to me when I was pregnant with my son.

He said, "You know that saying when you’re pregnant you eat for two?" I, of course, replied with a big grin on my face, "Yes!!!!???" And then he replied with, very dryly and somewhat stern, "You should really try eating for one."

I remember leaving his office, waddling to my car and bawling before I could get my key in the ignition. Then, I promptly went to the Dairy Queen and ordered a Peanut Buster Parfait. If my memory serves me correctly, that was the best darn Peanut Buster Parfait I ever ate!

Well, I should be getting my cholesterol results sometime this week. I promise to share those when I get them in the mail. I asked my doctor to please include what my numbers were last year at my visit. Should be interesting!

One thought on “A morning at the doctor’s office…part 1

  1. Your weight loss and maintenance is commendable: Good job! I’ve been hearing through some research channels, however, that activity level, and not weight is the main factor that determines blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels in people. Your active lifestyle may be contributing to your positive doctor’s visit more than your lower body weight. That also is commendable!


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