Ups…and downs

We all have our up and down days. Sometimes, I have more down days than I do up, but that’s okay. Right?

For the most part, everything is going along swimmingly. For the most part, I said. I still have my days where I want to eat everything I see and sometimes, I do. But here’s the thing, I am exercising like I have never exercised before. And for me, that’s huge. 

I have been keeping track of my exercising and on average, I exercise at least six days a week. Whether it’s running, circuit training, toning, boot camp or spin class, I try to do some sort of exercise six out of seven days. I like to mix it up and not do the same thing every day and I like to have that one rest day. Most of my workout sessions last at least 30 minutes, but can last up to an hour and a half. Seriously, I’ve never exercised this much. EVER. For that, I am proud.

So what about the eating? Well, that could still use a little more work, but you know what, honestly, I am happy about my eating habits. Most days.

Even yesterday, which was not the best at all, I didn’t beat myself up…which is what I would have done several months ago. I did fine until after work. I ate my usual breakfast, had a good-for-me snack, my lunch was just fine and my afternoon snack was healthy. But after work, things started going downhill.

My husband and I had to run errands and on our way, I suggested we stop at the DQ to try the new caramel brownie blizzard. To his credit, he questioned it and reminded me that blizzards are so not healthy. But, as usual, I convinced him that it was okay because I exercise. By the way, he’s been running with me lately and it has been awesome. I am so happy he started exercising again and I am so happy we are running together. And the best part, we are keeping the same pace! I love running with him. Even though we don’t talk much when we are running, I love having him by my side. Corny, but true. That really is how much I love him. Okay, enough gush.

So, we had our blizzards and really, I was not impressed. I should have ordered the Heath one or cookie dough or Reese’s. Well, actually, I shouldn’t have ordered any! But I did. And, truly, I was disappointed. It was just alright. Nothing spectacular. And so not Cold Stone Creamery. I think I have been spoiled.

After we got done having our blizzards, we made our way to Walmart, where we shopped for, I think, about an hour and a half. I was happy that my tummy was full because I probably would have bought stuff I would have regretted. After Walmart, we headed to Target, where we proceeded to wander around the store for, oh, probably an hour. 

While at Target, my son called and decided that we should go to China Buffet for supper. Yeah, right. That was so not happening for me. I actually was still feeling kind of ishy from my blizzard. So, instead, I dropped my hubby off there and him and my son had supper (yes, it was like almost 8 p.m.) and I headed home to put away all our purchases.

When I got done emptying all the bags, I decided I was kind of hungry. Kind of. And instead of opting for the salad I know I should have had, I ate a large bowl of frosted chocolate mini-wheats. And then a Lindt white chocolate truffle and then, some Doritos….and then, nothing. Seriously, why is it that when we have one thing bad (the blizzard) it just continues. So, instead of shoveling more in my mouth, I popped in a piece of gum instead. Besides freshening up my breath after eating my son’s Doritos, it made me stop eating.

And although it wasn’t an all-out, pig-out session, it was still more than I needed. But, I really was okay with it. Truly, I was. I actually didn’t feel guilty. Why? Because I knew that this morning (Friday) I was getting up early and exercising with Tina and then tomorrow morning, I am picking Tina up at 7:30 a.m. for an hour and a half boot camp and spin class session and then on Sunday, I am heading to St. Cloud for a three-hour roller skating session with two of my bestest high school friends. So, I think it is okay that I had a blizzard and it’s okay I ate the cereal and I think it is okay that I ate the Doritos and the chocolate. 

And I think it is okay if on Sunday when I get done roller skating that my friends and I stop at the bestest ice cream shop ever…Cold Stone Creamery, here we come!

Oh by the way, the other reason I find it okay is because just this week, after stepping on the scale, I realized I am 10 pounds UNDER my Weight Watchers goal. TEN POUNDS! I now weigh 145 pounds. My son is 16 years old and I am FINALLY what I was before he was born. I have FINALLY reached my pre-baby weight. It may have taken me 16 years to do it, but I DID IT!!!!! And I am happy and proud.

2 thoughts on “Ups…and downs

  1. I can so relate to the downhill eating. I have one “naughty” thing and it seems to make the whole rest of the day go downhill. I am getting better at not beating myself up over it and just starting like it is a new day, but it is tough. I take comfort in the fact that even on my bad days, I don’t eat like I used to, and that is a good thing!


  2. I have to fight the same way of thinking: “I’ve already blown the day, I may as well give up and get back on track TOMORROW!” Exercise does make a huge difference though, doesn’t it!? For all the great plans Weight Watchers has, maintenance isn’t one of them. The exercise points are designed for weight loss, not maintenance. Example: You burn 200 calories exercising, you get 1 or 2 points back, so you eat between 30 and 150 calories. Using this plan, you lose weight faster while exercising, great, right? Not so great if you are maintaining. You wind up starving and eating everything in sight, and you still are dropping weight. That may be what you want, but it’s not “maintaining.” By the way, congratulations on your sixteen year low!


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