Lunch time madness?

I am a creature of habit. During the week, and for the most part, on the weekends, I eat lunch around 12:30 p.m. Today, I didn’t leave to go home for my lunch until 12:30, which meant I wouldn’t be eating until about 1 p.m. And that is late for me.

But not a big deal, right? Well, with the morning I had – I was at a meeting, a not-so-fun meeting, for more than three hours! – I was a little fit to be tied. I couldn’t wait to leave work so I could home and eat. I was starving and I was kind of stressed out. I ate my breakfast this morning a half an hour earlier than normal and I didn’t get my mid-morning snack because I was at the meeting.

As I said, I am a creature of habit. Breakfast is between 5 and 5:30 a.m. every day (except weekends); snack is between 9 and 10 a.m.; lunch is typically around 12:30-ish; afternoon snack is between 3 and 4 p.m.; and supper….well, that could be anywhere between 6 and 8 p.m.

So, on my way home, because I was so stressed, I kept thinking that I should skip going home, where I always make a healthy lunch, and go somewhere else. You know, somewhere bad. Here is the dialogue that went on in my head (yes, I occasionally talk to myself, although I don’t always answer):

"I should go to McDonald’s. But the burgers are kind of greasy and gross and I guess I am not really in the mood for grease." I used to eat two cheeseburgers, a large fry and diet coke (kind of stupid, I know) nearly everyday while I was in college. I loved McDonald’s. The burgers were awesome and I loved the French fries. They were always salty. I do like their chicken sandwiches, but I wasn’t in the mood for chicken. I rule it out and keep driving.

"Burger King? God, no, I can’t even stand the smell when I am in the parking lot." When I was teenager, I worked at a Burger King and ate the food ALL the time. I loved it. Now, I can’t stand it. Really, I can’t stand it. The thought kind of makes me gag. I rule it out and keep driving. 

"I know…Dairy Queen, yeah, that sounds good. But I want more than just a blizzard or malt for lunch. It won’t fill me up and I will feel sick afterward." I also used to work at a Dairy Queen and loved, loved, loved it. I always wanted to own one someday. Kind of glad I don’t. I ruled that one out, too, and keep driving.

I thought about pizza, but the only pizza I will eat nowadays is Angelina’s and it is not open for lunch. But it sure sound good. Dominos sounded, well, gross, as did Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Pizza Ranch and Godfather’s. Really? Come on, it’s so greasy. Ewww.

So, I drove home. A little disappointed, but actually, kind of happy. I drove by a man who was out running and I actually thought to myself, which really surprised me, "I wish I could be doing THAT right now." I, me, was envious of a man who was out running. Seriously, how cool is that? It is cool, right?

As I walked in the door when I finally made it home, I saw the bag of Doritos sitting on the counter and wanted to dig in, but didn’t. I didn’t want the aftertaste and really, they just weren’t worth it. Really, they weren’t. I knew they wouldn’t make me feel any better. Truly, they wouldn’t.

Instead, I whipped up a smoked turkey sandwich on a Thomas bagel thin with a piece of Weight Watchers string cheese and a sweet potato in the microwave. It really hit the spot. I was really, really hungry and it was just what I needed. I also had a vanilla, sugar-free, 60-calorie pudding for dessert and it was perfect. The exact sweetness I needed to end my meal.

As I head back to work, I am now looking forward to the nectarine, plum and apple sitting on desk that I bought this morning before work. Hmmm, which one….or two….will be my afternoon snack?

3 thoughts on “Lunch time madness?

  1. I’ve done the same thing: Wanting to grab a quick meal out, and nothing sounds good enough or tasty enough, so I end up making something healthy at home instead. I’m SO proud of myself when that happens, and it sounds like you’re proud too. Good job!


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