Hitting the nail on the head

The other day, a fellow blogger friend hit the nail on the head with his blog posting. It was terrific! In fact, I loved it so much I had to ask him if I could steal some of what he wrote to post in my own blog. Jim, aka Father Knows Last (areavoices.com/jimlindlauf/), told me, "by all means, use my words any way that fits your message."

He also told me that my blog has given him ideas for material the last few months and so he was happy to repay the favor. How cool is that? Thanks, Jim. 

Jim’s blog was simply titled, "Dieting." Simple, right. Yes, it really is. His basic message was if you want to "diet" to lose weight, you will, but that more than likely, you’ll probably gain it all back when you stop "dieting." His message is the same as mine. It’s not about "dieting" and losing weight fast. It’s all about making lifestyle changes that will last, well, the rest of your life. You need, and should want to, make these changes. Not because you have to, but because you truly WANT to.

Here’s what Jim had to say; his words are in italics (And my thoughts are in parentheses and bolded):

I heard some talk this weekend about “going on a diet,” and the names “South Beach,” “Atkins,” and “Nutra-System” entered into the discussion. I heard praise piled on these “diets” for a variety of reasons. “I lost 10 pounds in two weeks using the ‘South Beach Diet’” said one person. “I like getting my food in premeasured ‘Nutra-System’ packets” said another. Both people had experienced considerable success using these “diets” in the past and knew they would work again. I also know these systems work: I’ve seen people lose a lot of weight by following the directions prescribed in these popular programs on many occasions. (Yep, he’s right. Several years ago, I lost about 45 pounds on the Slim Fast plan. And, yep, you guessed it, I gained nearly all of it back when I quit the plan and started eating real foods again. I hadn’t learned a thing on that plan.)

I tried to shift the discussions to living a healthy lifestyle instead of “dieting” to lose weight…(YES, PEOPLE, THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!) The question I want to ask today, though, is: Why do these “diets” work for short-term weight loss, but the people who lose weight using these methods almost never keep it off? (See, just what I was saying earlier…I didn’t keep the weight off.) 

I know there is only way to lose weight and keep it off, and you, my readers, are going to be the fortunate ones with whom I’ll share my secret. Every pound you lose must be due to a permanent change in your lifestyle, or you will gain it back! It’s that simple, but also that hard. (Again, this is what I have been trying to say. He couldn’t have said it any better. PERMANENT CHANGE! That is what it is all about. Seriously. Honestly. And like Jim said, it’s that easy, but also THAT HARD!)

Jim then talked about how "diets" are short-term fixes, which I wholeheartedly believe. That is one of the main reasons why I love Weight Watchers so much. It is not a diet. Period. It teaches you to eat real food and deal with real-life scenarios. By the way, Jim is also a Weight Watchers member. That is so cool. I am so proud of him. (By the way, because I am an employee of Weight Watchers now, I have to let you know that the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine only. They are not necessarily the views or opinions of the Weight Watchers company. I truly apologize if this gets monotonous, but it’s something I have to do. Sorry.)

Jim also talked about making healthy changes one simple step at a time. His advice was to make a change and practice it until you can continue it with little or no effort. When I first started Weight Watchers, I focused on my food because I knew I had to get that under control before I could even begin to think about exercising. I had to make simple, easy changes to my eating habits first. Yes, as all of you know, I do still struggle with this and every now and then I stray, but not nearly as much as I used to and not nearly with the same amount of food. My binge used to be a medium or large-size blizzard. Now, a small one does the trick. 

I truly am happy with my eating habits. Seriously. My portions are almost always in check. Yes, there are plenty of times I still weigh and measure my foods. But, I don’t have to; I CHOOSE to. I eat tons of fruits and veggies and other good-for-me-foods, but I do also indulge and that’s what keeps me sane. I don’t tell myself, "I can’t have that." When I do that, I lose all control. 

And now that my food is under control, which by the way, didn’t happen overnight, I have now started focusing on my exercising. In fact, yesterday, I had the best run ever. I ran 3.02 miles (basically, a 5K) in 33 minutes and 44 seconds. My first 5K, which was in September 2009, I ran in 44 minutes and 8 seconds. Seriously, how cool is that.

At any rate, people, I loved Jim’s message and it’s something I believe needs to be shouted from the rooftops. I am so glad I finally decided to take this journey. What about you? Have you started your journey? Believe in yourself and you can do it. I know you can. Go for it. Try it. Do it. I bet you don’t regret it. I know I don’t.

2 thoughts on “Hitting the nail on the head

  1. Well done! I agree with you, but then you already knew that! I’m proud of the permanent changes you’ve made in your life too. They haven’t been easy, but they’ve been worth while, haven’t they?!


  2. Way to go on your run! You basically shaved 25% off your time!

    I have been reading your blog for a while, and it has inspired me to join WW, and I got my hubby to join too- we are both liking it- it truly is a lifestyle change. It’s not easy now- but we are not doing it for now. We are doing it for later- I don’t want to spend my “golden years” at the doctors office and taking a hand full of pills every day.

    Thanks for the isnpiration- keep up the good work. Boot camp sounded like torturous fun too!


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