Holiday horror?

Just when you think you have your eating under control and things are going really well, a holiday has to pop up and throw everything out of whack. For one day at least.

Yesterday, my hubby and I drove to my sister’s house in Jasper, Minnesota. It was about a three-hour car ride, which wasn’t too bad. My day started great with my usual breakfast and my usual good intentions. It didn’t last too long, though. 

My sister asked me to bring dessert. Yes, me, the dessert queen. Not that I bake and made extraordinary goodies, but as I have said over and over again, I love sweets and desserts are right up my alley. To try and stay somewhat healthy, though, I decided on angel food cake, strawberries (no sugar added) and fat free Cool Whip. 

Because there was going to be about 25 people, I brought two angel food cakes, one huge bag of frozen strawberries and three small containers of Cool Whip. I thought I was the only one bringing dessert. 

Wrong. I was one of four people bringing dessert. My brother was also told to bring dessert and he brought a store-bought chocolate cake with that really good sugary frosting. Yep, one of my weaknesses. He’s an evil man. (Just kidding). Two of her in-laws brought desserts, too – cute (and delicious, I might add) frosted sugar cookies in either an egg shape or a bunny rabbit shape. Of course, I ate one. One with lots of frosting. 

The other desserts were apple crisp, which I stayed away from and Special K bars, which I surprised myself and stayed away from.

Oh, but did I mention that shared a piece of that chocolate cake with the oh-so-nummy sugary frosting with my niece. Did I mention it was a huge piece and I basically ate the frosting side because she doesn’t like frosting (wish I was that smart!). 

Oh, and I bet I forgot to mention that I also ate a piece of my dessert, the strawberry shortcake with maybe more Cool Whip than angel food cake. Good thing it was fat free, huh?

At least I skipped the green bean casserole (eww, that is one of my most disliked foods of all times – always has been, always will be!) and the creamy cole slaw. Not a real big cole slaw fan either.

Too bad I didn’t stay away from the mashed potatoes and gravy and ham and bread and veggies (wait, I guess those are good for me, right?) and dip (yes, I ate tons of dip!). Dip that I think was fat free, but didn’t really matter because I may have eaten half the container. True story. 

Good thing I didn’t eat supper. Bad thing that I decided at 9:30 last night that I needed two more pieces of angel food cake, two huge scoops of strawberries and half a container of Cool Whip! AARGH!!!

Let’s see, when is the next holiday?

Oh, by the way, here’s a photo of me on my sister’s horse yesterday. Ya, I am so not a cowgirl!

My sister, Karen; her horse, Lexie; and me!

I didn’t stay on too long…maybe five minutes. 

My mom, who is 76-years-old, also got on the horse…I was so proud of her. Here she is:

My mom!

3 thoughts on “Holiday horror?

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Making good choices at someone else’s house isn’t one of the skills I’ve mastered either!


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