Convenience store inconvenience

Why is it that every time I walk into a convenience store, I feel the urge to buy something unhealthy?

No matter where we are going, whether it’s Willmar, St. Cloud, Minneapolis or Fargo, we always stop at a convenience store before we hit the road – either to fill the car up with gas or to pick up a Diet Dew for my husband. 

Yesterday, my hubby and I were on our way to St. Cloud to check out a car (I am in desperate need of a different/new one!) and we had to make a pit stop in Albany for gas. Whoops, we forgot to gas up before we left. We pulled into the Holiday gas station and as my husband filled up the tank, I went inside. I do typically try and stay in the car when we stop at these types of stores because I know they are a danger zone for me. But let’s just say this time it was a much needed pit stop! Too much tea makes me have to pee!

As I walked around, I was actually impressed to see they had healthier options for travelers, such as apples, oranges and bananas, among other things, instead of just the junk stuff like chips, cookies, donuts and those pre-packaged nasty sandwiches. Seriously, I think those are the grossest things. EWWWW! At any rate, for some reason, buying fruit at a Holiday gas station isn’t all that appealing to me. Why? Not sure. But it just isn’t. 

I had a bag of Doritos in my hand, which I put back on the shelf. Then, I had a bag of Cheetos in my hand, which I also put back on the shelf. Then, my eyes and hands wandered to the cheese popcorn, the caramel puff corn, the loaded baked potato chips, the chocolate chip muffins, the lemon poppy seed muffins, the cookies, the chips again and then the cookies again, and then the disgustingly fatty Slim Jims, which I used to eat all the time (again, ewwww!) and then FINALLY, I made up my mind. Nothing. I didn’t need anything. I didn’t actually want anything – but to run out of the store. Fast.

My husband grabbed his bottle of pop and some type of spicy beef stick and we made our way to the checkout. Thank God. But then, out of the corner of my eye, another display caught my attention, "Buy One Get One Free!" I couldn’t pass up that deal…I mean, come one, BOGO at the convenience store? Who knew?

So, up on the counter I tossed two Twix candy bars – a peanut butter one (which I used to eat ALL THE TIME!) and a new triple chocolate one. I figured we could each sample each bar. 

Our consensus was the peanut butter one was just okay, but the new triple chocolate one was pretty darn good. Not so good that I would buy it again. Unless that is I am forced to stop at another convenience store and that darn "Buy One Get One Free!" sign catches my eye. Let’s hope next time it will be on the new fudge Snickers bar I have been salivating over!

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