Trying something new

So, I am going to try something new tomorrow morning. Something I have never done before. Ever.
Something that kind of scares the you know what out of me. But, in my new-found healthier lifestyle, it’s something I am willing to try – at least once anyway.

The other day, I saw on Facebook that my workout buddy, Tina, was signed up for something called “Boot Camp” at Racquetball Plus. I have heard this term before, but never really knew exactly what it was. Actually, I still don’t. Which is maybe why going to the class scares me.

But I sent her a message asking what it was all about and asked if she thought it was something I could do. She told me to give her a call, so I did. She explained, after admitting it scared the you know what out of her, too, that it is a one-hour intense workout, including cardio and strength training.

I asked if she thought I could do it because I am not the most, oh, shall we say, coordinated of persons. Really, truly, I am not.

In high school, I tried to be on the color guard team. Yeah, right, that didn’t work so well. I could do the feet movements and I could do the twirling of the flag and/or gun. But to actually move my feet where they needed to go PLUS twirl the flag or gun. Nope. It didn’t happen. I lasted a whole two days.
I think when I tried jazz dance I lasted one day. Or maybe it was one hour. Can’t remember. So yeah, I am that uncoordinated.

Tina said if she could do it, then I could do it. She was actually excited that I asked about it because she really wanted to ask me, but knew how I felt about taking classes at a gym. It’s not that I think they are bad, mind you, I just typically can’t do them because of the whole coordination thing.
Although a few years back, I did try yoga and love it. But I guess yoga is a little slower paced than aerobics, jazz dance or colorguard, huh?

But I thought, “What the heck?” and told Tina to sign me up.

The cool part is that you don’t have to be a member of the facility and it only costs 5 bucks. Cool.

I will admit I am truly nervous. But probably not because of the reasons you may think. Yes, the coordination has something to do with it, but there’s more to it than that.

See, here’s the deal. Even though I have lost 40-plus pounds, am the smallest I have been since my son was born 16 years ago, I am still not feeling the love for my body. Maybe that is another reason why I love working out at home. I know I run outside and tons of cars pass me by, but I often have a hat and sunglasses on and so they can’t tell who I am – at least that’s what I think. Stupid, I know.

But I am just not comfortable in my new skin yet – skin that still wiggles, jiggles and is flabby in all the wrong places. You know what I mean?

I know of a few of the people that will be attending the class and I would consider them fitness buffs – something I am so not. Yes, I workout a heckuva lot more than I did a year ago, but really, come on, I am still a wimp.

But, and I keep telling myself this over and over and over and over again, the only person I need to worry about is myself. I know I shouldn’t compare myself to the other people in the class, and I am going to try – really, really, hard – not to do that. I am going to go in, head held high, and try my hardest, give it my all, 110 percent.

I am going to focus on me and be proud of the fact that I am there, that I had the courage to try it – and that I am not sitting at home doing nothing, eating some high-calorie, high fat, bad for me food.
I’ll let you know how it goes. Providing I can still move when I am done!

2 thoughts on “Trying something new

  1. Good Luck! It’s great to try something new. You never know, it may be just the perfect thing for you, but you’ll never know until you give it a chance!


  2. Good luck at boot camp, Celeste… you will rock it! April is super sweet and is a fantastic instructor. Can’t wait to hear how it went! 🙂


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