Yep, I am still here!

Yes, I am still here…alive and well. I just haven’t blogged for a little while, that’s all. Did you miss me?

I have really started concentrating on my running lately, as the Fargo 5K is coming up quickly. I have decided to change up my workout schedule, which is now as follows: Mondays and Fridays I will do my strength training program that my student trainer designed for me (on a side note, she is now officially a real certified trainer and working at Racquetball Plus…how cool is that?), on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, I will run – hopefully outside. I think I am going to take Sundays off…just for fun. Although if the weather is nice out, it may be hard for me to stay inside.

The weather lately has been so gorgeous that I feel I have to get outside because it might not last. You know, this is Minnesota.

The eating has been going, well, umm, errr….okay, I guess. It’s not like I have pigged out or anything and I haven’t gained weight. Actually, I lost somehow and am now at my all-time low since probably 10th grade. On Wednesday, I hit 147.2. Whew. I can’t believe it.

But the thing is, I can’t seem to shake the God-awful cravings I get sometimes. OMG, I get these all-out sugar cravings, which lately have been for these dark chocolate chip cookies found at a little restaurant in our mall, Bayfields, that are out-of-this-world good…especially if they are warmed up in the microwave right I when I buy them. I typically buy two at a time as they are on the small side…really, truly, they are. 

My mouth literally waters just thinking about them and I kind of get an almost lightheadedness feeling. So, after I try to talk myself out of going to get them, I usually end up caving and drive, maybe somewhat fast, to the mall so I can get a couple of 69 cent cookies. But here’s the thing, almost every time I eat them, I get an almost sick feeling, you know, because they are so rich and really, my body probably isn’t used to. They are ooey-gooey good. And the sick feeling happens even if I eat just one. And it’s not like I get them every day, not even every week for that matter. It’s just once in awhile. 

What I don’t get, though, is why can’t my brain remember the icky feeling I have when I am done noshing on them instead of the super-dee-duper-dee delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, goodness taste? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Really, it doesn’t.

It’s kind of like when you stuff yourself silly at a buffet and feel miserable for the next four hours and then a month later you’re back at the same buffet, doing it all over again. Actually, fortunately, I haven’t done that in a really, really, REALLY, long time. I think the last time was at Granite City in Maple Grove last year and after that, I think I swore off buffets. Thank Goodness!

Anyway, someday, I hope I can learn about those darn cookies and just stay away from them. Someday, I say, someday. Just like I have learned to LOVE veggies and nearly LOVE exercising! Right?

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