Feeling better

Last night, I had a seminar in Fargo for Weight Watchers, which by the way, was pretty fun. For some reason though, I was kind nervous; not sure why. But it was really kind of cool and I learned a ton.

Oh, before I forget, I have been meaning to mention, now that I work for Weight Watchers, I should let you know that the views expressed in this blog are mine and mine only. They are not necessarily the views or opinions of Weight Watchers. They are my opinions and my thoughts. Whew, okay, I got that out of the way.

After my seminar, I met up with my husband and our friends, Gary and DeAnn, and after a while, my sister-in-law, Vicki, and her friend, Barry, joined us. We hung out at a bar, the Three Lions Pub. I have not been to a bar forever and I mean FOR-EV-ER. It was really kind of strange and loud and I felt old and overdressed. The overdressed part was because I actually didn’t have any skin showing, unlike the young girls who had plenty. Seriously, I felt old. But anyway, I got there a little after 9 p.m. and I was slightly hungry, but not really, although I didn’t eat supper, so I should have been hungry. I did have some WW baked cheddar snacks and a WW baked apple cinnamon bar at my seminar.

I opted to go for my favorite drink of choice – water! Yes, maybe I am old. Actually, I had to drive and I DO NOT drink and drive. EVER. Anyway, I took a look at the menu and decided that a salad looked pretty good, although the battered and deep-fried chicken fingers looked pretty appealing. I didn’t choose those, though. My salad, with grilled chicken, ended up being pretty darn tasty and was exactly what I needed. I mean, come on, it was now close to 10 p.m. and I usually don’t eat quite that late.

When we were leaving the bar, which was around midnight, I realized I forgot my breakfast stuff and so we made a mad dash to the grocery store to get my yogurt, cereal, Vitatops and some apples. No treats were bought this time, which is unlike the last time we visited Gary and DeAnn and we made a late night trip to the grocery store for a can of frosting and other treats. Oh my!

After we got back to the house, we visited for a little bit, but I was exhausted. I had been up since 5:45 a.m. because Tina and I worked out at 6:30 a.m. So, once again I felt old (even though I was the youngest one there) and I headed to bed…around 1 a.m. The others stayed up until after 3 a.m. Crazy people, I say, crazy.

When I packed my stuff for our little trip, I brought my gear to go running. Truthfully, I really didn’t expect to go running Saturday morning; I more or less brought it just because it made me feel better. I really had no intentions to get up early and run outside in the always breezy, cool Fargo weather. 

But guess what? I did. I woke up at 9 a.m., which for me is sleeping in. I was feeling really good. The house was quiet and so I ate my breakfast, played on the computer a little bit and then got dressed for my run. The sun was shining and it looked like a beautiful day. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to run. I headed out the door and it was a bit nippy. There was a chill in the air, but it wasn’t too bad. I just took off running, not necessarily knowing where I was going or how far I was going. I passed five other runners, which was really neat. I, too, was out there running. I was one of them. I felt really, really good. Kind of hard to explain, though.

When I got back, I looked at my Garmin and saw that I did 2.03 miles and that it took me 22 minutes and 30 seconds. A quick check on the Internet and I found out my pace was 11 minutes, .05 seconds. This has been my best pace ever. It was definitely better than my last run, that’s for sure! I was pumped. And feeling just a bit better about my running abilities! I guess what I have heard is right; sometimes, you just have bad running days and I guess that’s what my run with my husband was. Plain and simple, a bad run. I guess I shouldn’t have been so disappointed. 

I got back to the house, drank some water, ate an apple and then hopped in the shower. I once again played on the computer and finally, around noonish, the rest of the house woke up and got ready for the day. Once everyone was showered and dressed, we headed out the door for lunch. I got to choose where we ate and my choice? Believe it or not, was iHop! Weird, I know. I’ve never eaten there before and for some reason, I was in the mood for pancakes. I was happy with my decision because it was DELICIOUS! 

After lunch, we said our goodbyes to Gary and DeAnn, and then Al and I did a little shopping. Spent some time in Best Buy and Walmart, and then it was time to head home. But not before we made one more stop. Yep, I swear to God my car has a mind of its own sometimes. It turned right into the parking lot of…….yep, you guessed it…Cold Stone Creamery!!!!!

Good thing I went for a run!

p.s. By the way, did you know you can find Confessions of a Fat Girl on Facebook. Yep, that’s right. You can become a fan. I would be really happy if you did!!! Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Feeling better

  1. I think it has to be the shoes! By the way, when I had my bad run, I wasn’t wearing my new Brooks. I was wearing my old shoes. Maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe. : – )


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