Mission accomplished!

 My weekend with my two sisters, Donna and Karen, was fantastic! A memory-making filled weekend. Here’s a brief (Okay, not really, but it sounded good! I mean seriously, am I ever brief?) synopsis of what I did this weekend and what I ate!

Friday day: I met up with a friend of mine, Shirley, at Granite City Food and Brewery in Maple Grove. I ordered the Southwestern Chicken Salad minus the cheese and the tortilla strips. It came with a tequila lime vinaigrette. It was awesome. Oh, it also came with a small, and I mean small, bowl of soup. I didn’t make the best choice, but it was fantastic. It was similar to beer cheese, but they called it something different and it had a couple of croutons on top. Really, truly, it was great.

I also downed a large (venti) skinny frappuccino with sugar-free vanilla at Starbucks. I had a gift card from there that I got for Christmas and there isn’t any Starbucks by where I live. It was worth five bucks, which is why I opted for the large. And let me tell you, it was worth every penny! Num-Num!

Friday night: My sisters and I met up with our brother, Mike, and our sister-in-law, Kim, at Khan’s Mongolian BBQ in Bloomington. This is an Asian-style create-your-own meal kind of place. I had nothing but veggies! It rocked. I loved it. These types of restaurants are one of my favorite places to eat at because you can make it really healthy! I did eat two fortune cookies, though! They were actually pretty good. 

Saturday day: I had my typical breakfast of yogurt, Fiber One cereal and Vita muffin (yes, I almost always bring my breakfast with me when I travel anywhere). We made it to the mall by 10 a.m., which is right when they open. My first task? Finding a new pair of jeans. Most of my jeans come from either Walmart or Kohl’s, so I decided that I was going to splurge and get a nice, decent, semi-expensive pair. I chose Macy’s because my sister had coupons! Gotta love coupons. Anyway, nearly 20 pairs of jeans later (trying on that many pairs of jeans better count for some kind of exercise!) and I found one that fit perfectly. Now here’s the funny part and once again, reminds me that size really does not matter. I was fitting into jeans ranging from size 10 to 6. I ended up with the pair that were a size 6 – and no it wasn’t because of the number on the tag. They truly were the best fitting jeans and the most comfortable. They were Ralph Lauren. After I found my jeans, I wandered aimlessly about the mall for the next hour and a half. I think I made it around level one at least once, if not twice.

My sisters and I met up for lunch at about 12:30 p.m. (We often don’t shop together because we all have different tastes.) We ate at Ruby Tuesday, which I absolutely love! Every time I eat there, I only have the salad bar. They have a low-fat balsamic vinegar dressing that is out-of-this-world delicious and all the veggies are so fresh tasting. I also ate a handful of the croutons, which I think they make homemade with rye bread. They are OMG good.

After lunch, we separated again and the plan was to meet back at Cold Stone Creamery at about 2:30 p.m. Again, I set off walking. And again, I headed to Starbucks. It was so good on Friday that I just had to go back for round two. This time, I only ordered a medium (grande). Afterward, I just started walking. I made it around level three maybe once or twice and I think I  may have completed level two once or twice. The Mall of America is so big and everything kind of looks the same to me, it’s hard to tell. All I know is that when I got to Cold Stone, I was happy to see an empty bench. I wasn’t there very long and one of my sisters showed up. We were both pooped. I even took my tennis shoes off while we waited for our other sister! We had our ice cream, which, as usual, Was. To. Die. For. We made our way back to the hotel for a rest before dinner and our night out at the Orpheum Theatre to see Mamma Mia!

Saturday night: We opted to eat at Houlihan’s in Richfield so we could meet up with our brother Steve and his family, including his wife, Lori, and their children, Trevor and Chelsea. I decided to kind of splurge on supper – I ordered the enchiladas, which came with chipotle-smoked chicken with queso
fresco, pico rice, black beans and napa cabbage. I ate all of my one enchilada, one bite of rice (it was too spicy for my tastebuds!), a couple bites of the napa cabbage (it was just alright, I guess) and nearly all of my black beans (they were delicious!). I was actually very full. Because we were celebrating two birthdays (Karen and Trevor), the waiter said we could pick three desserts! Oh my! All three were very small, but rich and good. I had a couple of bites of the chocolate cappuccino cake and a couple of bites of the strawberry cheesecake. I opted not to try the Snickers crunch ice cream dome! Not sure why. I was really, really full.

We made it to the play on time (we thought we were going to be late!) and it was fantastic! I loved it way better than the movie starring Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan! Seriously, the movie was just okay, but I didn’t really care for Mr. Brosnan. He’s a better James Bond.

Anyway, when we got back to the hotel, we all crashed – we were exhausted!

Sunday: We got up early (too early!) and my sisters got ready and then we headed downstairs for breakfast. Again, I brought my own and ate that. They left shortly after that. I stayed behind and took my time getting ready. I then met a friend of mine who used to work at the paper. She now lives in the Twin Cities. Erin and I met at The Tea Garden in St. Paul to visit and sip on some tea before we headed to Run ‘N’ Fun – an awesome shoe store on Randolph Avenue! This is where Erin goes and she thought she could get a discount for me as her running club members buy their shoes here and they all get a discount. How awesome is that! The Tea Garden was superb…I even bought some loose leaf tea that was seriously, the best tea I have ever had!

Well, I accomplished my second mission or task for the weekend – buying a new pair of running shoes. My last couple pairs of shoes have been Asics, which I love. But I didn’t buy Asics this time. The guy at Run ‘N’ Fun was very helpful and knowledgeable and told me that I have semi-flat feet, which surprised me for some reason. I found out I need shoes that have a lot of support. That was kind of cool to know. Anyway, I tried on several pair, including a couple of Asics and for a moment, it was a toss up. But, I eventually ended up with a pair of Brooks. OMG, they were sooooooo comfortable and light. It was almost like walking on air…seriously. I was happy. And, I did score a 20 percent discount. That rocked.

I finally headed home around 2 p.m. It was a fun-filled weekend. I didn’t make it to the hotel’s fitness center either day, but I think I made up for it with all my walking around the mall. I am happy with how the weekend turned out. It wasn’t stressful – food-wise, I mean. I didn’t necessarily hard-core exercise, but that’s okay. I spent time with my sisters, my brothers and my friends. It was a wonderful time that I will treasure forever!

Oh, by the way, I didn’t enter anything in my Weight Watchers log all day Friday, Saturday and today! That’s the first time I have done that since I started Weight Watchers back in November of 2008. I can’t wait to start logging again tomorrow! Believe it or not, I kind of missed it. Crazy, huh?

Just for fun, here are a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!

Karen, me and Donna at Khan’s Mongolian BBQ on Friday night.

Donna, Karen and I at Houlihan’s on Saturday night.

My new running shoes!!!!!

Whew, so much for being brief, huh?

2 thoughts on “Mission accomplished!

  1. Gotta love those Brooks running shoes! I hope you wear them out with several hundred miles of running! Maybe they will inspire you to try a 10K race this year? Glad you had fun with your family.


  2. I have to say.. I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, and you are a huge inspiration! My reason for commenting today though? A shared love for places like Khan’s! There’s another Khan’s Mongolian BBQ in Park Rapids, MN that I go to when visiting my mom. Superb.


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