Made the right choice?

Tuesday, my son and I headed to St. Cloud to pick up a pair of "throwing" shoes for him. He’s throws shot put and discus in track. On the way, my car broke down. Fortunately, it was five minutes from an exit. It was my water pump – it seized up causing the belt the get all mangled up and the tensioner pulley to melt. I was not a happy camper.

Luckily, they had a loaner car that we could take to finish our trip to St. Cloud. After we were done in Scheel’s, my checking account $85 lighter, my mood was still less than great. My son had mentioned earlier that he wanted to go to PretzelMaker, one of his favorite places. I started heading there and he said we didn’t have to, but I told him that after what had just happened with my car, I was definitely in need of a treat. 

I usually get the pretzel bites with parmesan cheese sprinkled on them and then cheddar cheese for dipping. I knew I was really not in the right mind set to be going somewhere so tempting, but at that point, I didn’t really care. I ordered the small bites with parmesan and the cheddar cheese and then at the last second, right before she grabbed the cheese, I switched it to the plain red sauce instead. I knew that the cheese was at least three WW points and that the sauce was zero WW points. Although I still got the parmesan bites, I was happy that I switched to the red sauce instead of the cheese.

The next day, I had to go back to Albany, where my car was being fixed and pick it up. Work was stressful that day and I was still kind of in a rotten mood because of my car. As I was driving out of town, I really, really, really wanted to stop at the Dairy Queen for a hot fudge malt. But I didn’t. Then, I thought I would just stop at McDonald’s for a Shamrock Shake. But I didn’t. I drove right by both places and made my way to Albany.

After I picked up my car and paid the bill – OUCH! I was told it would be about $375 and it ended up being $438! – I really, really, really wanted ice cream. Bad. Again, I was going to go to the Dairy Queen. I had a pretty intense conversation with myself. Seriously. I didn’t go to the DQ, I made my way back on the Interstate. 

When I got back to Alexandria, I made my way to Walmart and drove past Wendy’s. I really, really, really wanted to stop and get a chocolate shake and French fries. But I didn’t.

Instead, I went into Walmart and bought a bag of sugar snap peas, an apple and the new red velvet cake flavor of Yoplait light yogurt. I crunched on those peas all the way back to the office and gosh they tasted awesome. Poor peas, I took my frustration out of them! I worked for about an hour and a half. I finished off the bag of peas, ate my apple and savored every bite of the yogurt. 

I was so happy and proud of myself. Really, I was. I knew the ice cream would have tasted great, but it definitely wouldn’t have made me feel any better about my stupid car. And after eating the peas, yogurt and apple, I did feel better….because I made the right choice. 

Now that’s not to say I will always make the right choice, but this time I did and I was very happy about it. Although I am still not happy about the $438 car repair bill!

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5 thoughts on “Made the right choice?

  1. I love that you finished off the bag of snap peas! When I get in one of my “end of the world/famine” eating moods. I’ll grab a bag of baby carrots and literally down the whole thing. But you know what? It’s better than eating a whole bag of Doritos right?


  2. Some days we choose the snap peas, and some days we opt for the DQ malt. It makes us feels a lot better about ourselves, though, when we make the good choices. It’s a big step in the right direction just understanding where those urges come from. You went a step farther, and acted on the best choice: Good job!


  3. Glad you were able to make the right choices–it is tough to choose good when you are having a bad day. What I like about your eating style is that you make a lot of conscious decisions about good choices, and when you choose less healthy, you analyze why. I think if more people were mindful when eating (including me), we’d have a lot less weight and health issues.


  4. Thanks for the comments! As always, they are GREATLY appreciated.

    Abra, thanks for sending the link to that article. I finally had a chance to read it. Very interesting and VERY true! Thanks again.


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