And people thought I was bold, brave

When I started my blog more than a year ago, many people – friends, co-workers, family, strangers – thought I was brave for sharing my story. But I didn’t think so. First of all, when I started my blog, I was an anonymous person. I didn’t tell anyone who I was. Yes, there were a few people who figured it out, but I never revealed my identity. I wasn’t brave because I hid behind the title of my blog.

It wasn’t until August 9 of last year when my readers learned who the real "Fat Girl" was. It’s me, Celeste Edenloff, a 37-year-old woman who lives in Alexandria, Minnesota, who is a reporter for the Echo Press newspaper (my name in the paper is Celeste Beam – it’s a long, complicated story!), a mother to Brandon and a wife to Al. So really, was I that brave when I first started?

I don’t think I was/am as brave as Karin L. Nauber, who also happens to be a reporter. Karin works for the Independent New Herald, a newspaper based out of Clarissa, Minnesota that covers news in Todd County.

A co-worker of mine gave me the newspaper and told me to check it out because there was an article in it she thought I would be interested in. She was right, there was. In the March 3 edition of the paper on page 5 was an article written by Karin about herself. It was titled "Be a loser with Karin."

Karin recently began the "2010 Be A Loser With Karin" weight loss challenge. She did the same challenge in 2009. In the article, Karin listed her weight at the end of the 2009 challenge and then her starting weight at the beginning of this challenge. I liked the way she admitted that she gained weight, "It seems I have gained a bit. Nah, let’s be realistic. I gained a lot." I like her approach, her humor and her honesty.

I also liked how she set her goal. She said her plan is to lose 25 pounds in the next 12 weeks. Although it is a little lofty or as she put it, hefty, it is definitely better than her original goal, which was to lose 40 pounds. Yikes! That would have been probably a little more than she could have handled. Karin said her friends told her she needs to be more realistic and I couldn’t agree more.

It happens for so many people when they decide they need to lose weight. They set this unrealistic goal and when they can’t reach it, they are frustrated and disappointed and most often, they give up. I have seen and heard it so many times. I’ve even done it. Several times. Anyway, in her article, Karin challenges her readers to set a realistic goal with some good, healthy ways to achieve that goal. Again, I couldn’t agree more. One of the ways she is going to try and achieve her goal is by watching her portion sizes. Karin said she is going to try to attempt eating portion sizes that are more suitable for one person instead of three. Seriously, she couldn’t be more right. As a society, we eat WAY too big of portions. It truly is ridiculous. Really. 

Karin is going to be writing about her progress in her newspaper, as well as in a blog. I am going to be honest here, I wasn’t going to write about her because I didn’t want to lose my readership. I wasn’t going to give you her blog website address because sometimes, I am little selfish and I can admit that. But there is something about this woman, who by the way, I have never met in my life, that I find fascinating.

So, check her out. Follow her like you follow me. But, now here’s the selfish part of me, don’t quit reading me. Don’t give up on me. I love all my readers. I love that you take the time to read my blog and comment when you have something to say. I like – okay, thrive on – that feedback. But I think you should take the time to read her as well and let her know that she has followers, that she has supporters. So, here it is, check out Karin:

Oh, and let me know what you think. And also don’t forget, you can become a fan of Confessions of a Fat Girl on Facebook. Check it out, I think you might like it. Thanks again for reading…all of you are greatly appreciated!

One thought on “And people thought I was bold, brave

  1. Celeste,

    I did a check on my name on Google and came across your article. Thanks for your kind words about my bravery. Not so sure that is what I would call it… LOL, but I just wanted you to know we are doing the 2011 Be A Loser with Karin Challenge. I started a new blog and a new year with a new goal of losing 25 pounds.
    Keep up the good work!


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