My first day

Okay, so I started my first day at my new part-time job today. First off, I have been at my full-time job for nearly 11 years, so it was really strange to be learning the ropes somewhere new.

It seriously brought me back to the days of being a teenager and starting that first job. It felt strange, kind of stressful, yet exhilarating. The first part was simple and easy – stock the tables with product. That wasn’t so bad, but strangely, it was fast paced. Fun, really. I will tell you one thing, there sure is a lot of product – more than I thought when I was just attending the meetings.

Next, it came time to learn how to weigh people in. I watched as the person training me weighed, calculated, smiled and offered comments when needed in such an effortless manner. Just like when I attend the meetings, I am in awe of the three women who currently work there. But I thought, "Yep, I can do this." Until it was my time to step in and start doing it. O-M-G!!!! Not that it was hard, but it was kind of stressful. I mean, come on, I am weighing people in and calculating their losses – and in some cases, small gains. If my math isn’t right, I can accidentally give someone a gain of two pounds instead of a loss of two pounds. I also felt like I had to hurry so I didn’t make anyone wait. Although really, I didn’t have to because everyone was so understanding and nice knowing that I was "the new girl." 

Once we got through everyone, it was time for just a little paperwork. That wasn’t so bad.

So, what was the most amazing part? I knew when the meeting started, I heard the leader begin her spiel, but then, all of a sudden, I heard her voice again and she was telling everyone to have a good day. It was all over and I didn’t hear a single word of the meeting. Oh, I did hear her tell everyone that I was there training today and everyone clapped, which, to be honest, was way cool. But that was it. I have no idea what the meeting was about. I don’t know what tips she gave everyone. I don’t know the important information she shared. That part kind of disappointed me. Kind of. I love attending the meetings.

But, I also loved doing what I did today and I can see myself getting more comfortable each week and really fitting in. I enjoyed it despite the fact that I missed the meeting. I definitely can’t wait for next week to do it all over again.

2 thoughts on “My first day

  1. You seem like a natural cheerleader, so I think this will be perfect for you–cheering others on in this quest you manage so well!


  2. Thank you so very much! I hope I can help others just like the ladies there have helped me. And MOST of the time, I manage quite well, but I still have my days! But then again, don’t we all.


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