Olive Garden, swimsuits and ice cream

My husband and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to St. Cloud on Friday and Saturday. It’s only an hour away from where we live, but it was so nice to get away!

We stayed at Country Inn and Suites near downtown. Nice hotel with a great continental breakfast complete with scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy (I don’t like this but my husband was thrilled!), along with waffles, french toast, cereal, fruit, yogurt and much, much more. The rooms were awesome, too. Overall, I would probably give this hotel a 9 out of 10.

Anyway, on Friday night, we decided to eat at Olive Garden. I know, not the healthiest choice, but we were living it up and celebrating a Valentine’s weekend. I opted for the Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo. Yeah, it was delicious. Seriously delicious. We both had salad and of course, I had to have a breadstick. My meal came with four small (tiny, really) pieces of steak about equal I am guessing to a five-ounce hunk of meat. I ate all but one bite of steak as I had to let my husband have a taste. I also tasted a bite of his entree – Chianti Braised Short Ribs. As for my pasta, I probably ate about a fourth of it. OMG, it was so filling. I mean, filling with a capital F. 

But here’s the thing, though – I have eaten at Olive Garden before. Before as in pre-healthier living lifestyle. My husband and I would have the salad, most often getting two helpings. We would eat our first order of breadsticks and then we would often get a second order. I would eat my entire entree and then we would, of course, get dessert. I would have no problem eating all of that and then seriously, I would be hungry in about an hour. This time, I probably ate a third of the salad, one breadstick and not even half of my meal. That was cool. I was happy.

Of course, we did order dessert, but we shared one. We had the chocolate gelato. It was delicious with capital D. Oh, add of course, we had wine! You can’t go to a pasta place and not have wine. Right?

OK, so I will admit I didn’t log any of my meal on my Weight Watchers website. I did, however, figure out that if I would have eaten my entire entree – now that’s not counting the salad, the breadstick, the dessert or the wine – it would have been 31 points. Yep, 31. Thirty-One! I looked it up on the Olive Garden website and found that just the entree alone was 1,310 calories and 73 grams of fat; it also had 9 grams of fiber, but with that many calories and that much fat, I don’t think the fiber necessarily helped. So yeah, I was happy I didn’t eat it all.

Saturday, after a delicious breakfast – yes, I ate at the breakfast bar at the hotel despite the fact that I brought my own breakfast with me. And yes, it was super delicious. And no, once again, I didn’t log any of it nor did I figure out the points this time. Yes, shame on me. And no, I didn’t care. I am learning that it’s okay to once and awhile just live and not be so strict.

Anyway, after we checked out, we decided to go shopping. We hit the mall first and walked and walked and walked. I bet we walked for nearly three hours. Didn’t buy a whole lot, which was good. We were a little tired, but neither of us were hungry. The breakfast we had was really staying with us. So, we decided to hit Kohl’s. My husband went his way and I went mine – directly to the swimsuits. Yes, I said swimsuits. At the time, I didn’t think this was a bad idea. Really, I didn’t.

Well, after picking out several styles and hitting the dressing room, I decided it was a very bad idea. Unless you are Cindy Crawford beautiful, swimsuits, really, are just a bad idea. Why did I think that having a body that was 40 pounds lighter would look decent in a swimsuit when my skin hasn’t seen the light of day for months? Pasty white, sagging skin on an untoned body does not…I repeat…does not….look good in a bathing suit. Period. I like my new, 40-pound lighter body fully clothed. As I am sure does the rest of the world. Although not entirely defeated, just kind of bummed, I headed out of the dressing room with my arms empty and pocketbook the same. 

I found my husband and after checking out (he got a couple of things) we headed out the door. As I jumped in the driver’s seat of my car, I knew exactly where I was heading.

Yep, 20 points later, I was indulging in a Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Cake Remix (without the sprinkles) Love It sized ice cream treat!

3 thoughts on “Olive Garden, swimsuits and ice cream

  1. Isn’t it hard to go out to eat when the entree alone is 1,300 calories! We all want the extras like the breadsticks, wine, and dessert too, which makes the meal insanely high in calories. I’m sure there are other menu items that are even higher! It’s good we don’t eat out very often, isn’t it?


  2. seriouslly that birthday cake ice cream sounds so GOOD! never had it but I might have to make a stop tomorrow while in the cities. Might be dangerous!


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