Motivating people

I am sucker for inspirational, motivational stories about weight loss.

However, I usually like it better when the person has lost his/her weight without the use of "fad" diets or surgeries or anything else other than hard work, determination and will power. I love to hear how and what people have done to lose their weight – whether it’s 10 pounds or 100 pounds. I love to hear the stories of how people have changed their eating habits, how they have learned to control their portion sizes, how they have learned to incorporate exercise or even how they have learned to deal with the struggles – and moments of triumph (yes, there are those moments) – of losing weight and living a healthier life and lifestyle.

Although I have heard several stories of those stories at my Weight Watchers meetings and loved every single one of them, there is a blog on Area Voices that I read about a guy who has now lost 80 pounds – all on his own. The blog is titled ‘Journey of a Fat Man." It’s tagline, which I absolutely love, is, "A personal journey of a skinny person trying to fight his way out of a fat body." Love it. I really do. It is so true for all of us who have been on the chunky side…we know inside there is a skinnier, not necessarily skinny, person, waiting to come out.

If anyone wants or needs some inspiration, read this man’s blog, which you can find at – seriously, it is so worth the read.

I don’t know this man, but since I have started reading his blog and coincidentally, he reads mine, we have become "friends." We are friends on Facebook and have messaged each other several times. I am in awe of his determination and his will to lose the weight on his own. He is truly an amazing person. He plans to run the Fargo 5K in May, which I have also signed up for. I have hopes of meeting him at that event and congratulating him in person on his success.

If you need some motivation, check out the "Journey of Fat Man" blog. I think he will be just as inspiring to others as he is to me.

2 thoughts on “Motivating people

  1. I read his blog, too. He is doing an amazing job, as are you, in motiviating people. You are both inspirations. I like how you both blog about not only the successes, but also the real challenges you face.


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