A little disappointed

Today was weigh-in day at my Weight Watchers meeting. I really, really, really, really…okay, I think you get the picture…DID NOT want to weigh in. But I did.

I wish I hadn’t. But I know it’s the only way I can stay accountable. I had my biggest gain today in about 12 weeks. My goal weight when I started WW was 155 and at my August 12 weigh-in, I reached it. I hit 154.6. Since that time, I have lost and gained and at one point (it was October 28), reached my all-time lowest in more than 16 years – I was an even 148 pounds. Yep, that’s right, 1-4-8. Since then, I have fluctuated up and down .4 here or maybe 1.2 there, but today, I was up 2.2 pounds from last week’s weight of 148.2. So, I am now at 150.4. 

I know, it’s not that big of deal, right? But for some reason, it really bothered me. I think because it was all at once. I  mean, 2.2 pounds. Yikes. Although, really, I am still under my goal weight, which makes me uber excited. Seriously, I haven’t been this thin – OMG, I actually just said the word thin…wow, that sounded weird – since before my son was born and as many of you know, he is a teenager with a driver’s license and his own car!

I know the gain is completely my fault. This past week, I have been totally lax about my eating, and kind of, about my tracking, too. There may have been more than one occasion where I forgot to log a piece of candy or a handful of Doritos or something else sinful and oh-so-bad-for-me. Now that I think about it, it may have been two or three or, okay, maybe it was five or six times I didn’t log the food I was shoveling into my mouth. Why? As my son always says when I ask him a question, "I don’t know." I guess it was laziness or it could have been my attitude. I simply didn’t feel like it or didn’t care for some unknown reason.

Thankfully, though, I haven’t been lazy about exercising. I probably would have had a much bigger gain had I not exercised so faithfully. And that is because of Tina, my new workout buddy! Thanks, Tina. Glad we have each other to rely on. Tina and I meet at 6:30 a.m. at my house on Mondays and Fridays and at 5:30 p.m. at her house on Wednesdays. We both do other exercising on the other days, as well. We have been having a blast. 

Well, today is the start of a new week for me. And I am jumping back up on that horse and takin’ it for one heck of a ride. I hope to have those two pounds off at next week’s weigh-in. Luckily, my good attitude is back and I am ready to log everything that goes down my hatch! Wish me luck.

NOTE: I have been meaning to ask, is there anything you want to know? Is there anything that you wonder about me, my eating habits, my exercise regimen or any other topic? Please feel free to post a question or send me an e-mail to celbeam@gmail.com. If you haven’t noticed, I am pretty open and willing to talk about my healthy living/new lifestyle journey. So, don’t be afraid. Ask away. And, as mentioned in the last few posts, Confessions of a Fat Girl is now on Facebook. Look me up and become a fan! Thanks.

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