Rewarding yourself

When you set up goals for yourself and then reach your goal, do you often reward yourself? Some people do, some people don’t. Oftentimes, people will reach a goal and reward themselves with food. That may not always be the best choice.

My opinion is that people should be rewarded for reaching their goals. If they work hard at it and achieve what they set out to do, then why not be rewarded for the effort. Now, I am not saying the rewards have to be outlandish, expensive items. Instead, they can simple and cheap. Which in this economy, is probably best.

I read somewhere about some cool ideas for rewards that people can use and do. Of course, for the life of me, I can’t remember where I read it, but I do remember some of the items. So, here’s what I think you and I guess, myself, should do. Make of list of five goals you want to complete within a reasonable amount of time. Make them attainable goals – don’t set yourself up to fail. They can be small goals or they can be large goals. 

Next, figure out how you are going to reward yourself. Here are some ideas for simple and cheap or half-cheap rewards: 

If you don’t visit a coffee shop on a regular basis, treat yourself to a cup of fun coffee or tea (be mindful of the calories) for reaching one of your goals.

For another, how about a nice relaxing bath with candlelight, soft music and a glass – yes, only one – of your favorite wine. BY YOURSELF. No kids, no TV, no husband, no telephone, no computer. Just you and your bathtub. Door closed. Take at least half an hour all to yourself.

Okay, this is food, but why not treat yourself to a piece – I said a piece, as in one, uno – of your ultimate favorite chocolate. The one you can only find at the bakery or specialty chocolate shop. Remember to eat it very, very slowly and savor every, single, solitary, itty-bitty bite.

Buy a new book or go to your library and check out a book. Spend an entire Saturday curled up on the couch (that is after you spend at least 30 minutes exercising in the morning) reading your book. The laundry can wait. The dust will be there the next day. Maybe a family member or friend can watch your children. But take the time to relax. You deserve it.

There are other things that may cost just a little bit more money, but hey, don’t you deserve it, aren’t you worth it? So how about a 30 minute massage, a pedicure, a manicure or even just a facial. Why not buy a new outfit or maybe a new purse or a new pair of shoes – a fun pair for summer – or even a new perfume. 

Maybe you reward yourself by spending time with a friend, catching up in person instead of through text messaging, e-mails or Facebooking.

So, set up goals – small or large, but attainable – and then figure out ways to reward yourself. The rewards can often be the best part because then, you have something to look forward to. Have fun with it and be creative. Maybe even share some of rewards by posting a comment here. Maybe your reward might just be my next reward.

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