Oh, the power of the Internet. As many of you know, I now have a Confessions of a Fat Girl Facebook page. The other day, I posted this, "What’s your preference…exercising with a buddy or exercising alone? Are you more motivated when exercising with a friend – I know I am." 

I had several people post that although they work out alone, they would rather work out with a friend. Even though I have been exercising a lot more than I normally do these past few months, most often, I wish I had someone to work out with. Yes, there have been times that I worked out with my student trainer and on a few occasions, with my husband and son. But those times are few and far between. I don’t think my 16-year-old son cares to spend time working out with his mother and most often, my husband is too tired.

I don’t know what it is that makes me work out harder and more often when I have someone to work out with, but I do. It just seems more fun and not as much work. Does that make sense? One of the comments on my Facebook page said that the person likes to work out with someone else because it keeps her motivated and she works out harder because she doesn’t want to look bad. That completely makes sense to me. I get that. Maybe it’s the whole competition thing? Although I really have never thought of myself as competitive, at least not when it comes to sporting-type activities. Maybe it has something to do with camaraderie or feeling like a part of something – yes, even though there is just the two of you.

At any rate, after a few exchanges on my post about exercise, I offered for one of the commenters, who I know lives in my town, to e-mail me if she wanted to come over to my house to exercise with me. I won’t go to a gym because I have all the equipment I need in my own basement – plus, I can’t afford it. I mean, come on, I have a nice treadmill, a nice elliptical, free weights, a small weight bench, an exercise ball – plus, I have a Wii Fit and Wii EA Active. Do I really need to go to a gym? I didn’t think so.

So, after several e-mails back and forth between my commenter and myself, we made a plan to meet tomorrow morning to work out. We were going to meet for coffee and hash out a schedule to start next week. Then, I thought to myself, "Why not just start tomorrow? I can put a pot of coffee on at home!"

I can’t wait for tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to having an exercise buddy!

P.S. For those who are on Facebook, look up Confessions of a Fat Girl and become a fan!

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