Have to dish about my chicken dish

So last night, I had to throw together a rather quick supper as my husband had to get to a meeting by 7 p.m. and I didn’t get home until after 6 p.m. We had taken chicken out that morning and so it was basically ready when I got home. It was still a little frozen, but that made it easier to cut up.

I love to make pasta dishes where I just kind of throw ingredients together and see what happens. Well, last night was one of those nights. My chicken dish turned out awesome…so much so that my son, Mr. Picky Pants, actually ate it and commented on how good it was.

Here is what I did. I cut the chicken (three boneless, skinless breasts) into cubes and sauteed it in a pan that I had sprayed with cooking spray. While it was cooking, I added some basil, garlic and oregano. We use the jarred kind that you keep in the fridge. I maybe added about a tablespoon of each. Then, as the chicken looked like it was pretty much done, I added about a cup and a half of white wine and turned the burner up on high so that it could boil and the wine could reduce down. 

As the chicken was cooking, so was the pasta. I use Fiber Gourmet pasta that I buy online. As I have stated in previous blog posts, it is healthier and half the Weight Watchers points. One cup of cooked regular pasta has four points, while one cup of the Fiber Gourmet pasta has two points. I make one 8-ounce box for the three of us. I get two ounces, while my husband and son each get three ounces. There’s not enough for seconds, but who needs seconds of pasta anyway?

When the wine had just about cooked down, I added four wedges of The Laughing Cow light regular flavored cream cheese. I was a little hesitant, and so was my husband, because we didn’t know if it would melt or just kind of clump up. It melted perfectly. I also added two tablespoons of reduced fat parmesan cheese, you know, the kind that you shake on pizza.

We then served the chicken mixture over the noodles like you would a spaghetti sauce. Surprisingly, it was really, really good. Like I said before, my son actually ate it so I knew it had to be okay. I was shocked. The only thing different I would have done is maybe left a little bit more wine in the pan because it didn’t get quite as creamy as I wanted. It was more sticky-like. Regardless, all of us scarfed it up.

With my online Weight Watchers tools, I can easily add ingredients into the recipe builder to find out how many points there are per serving. I entered three chicken breasts, the four wedges of cheese, the two servings of parmesan cheese and only one serving of white wine because much of it had reduced down. I put that it served four because my husband’s and son’s portions were about equal to one and a half, while mine was equal to about one. The point value per serving was only three. Pretty cool, considering it was a cheesy pasta dish. 

I realize it wasn’t a grand chicken alfredo or some other cheesy pasta dish that’s swimming in a cream sauce, but it had a lot of flavor. It was delicious and had a total point value of only five points. 5 points. That rocks.

I will definitely make it again. 

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2 thoughts on “Have to dish about my chicken dish

  1. Hey I really loved your article and will be joining you on facebook. I currently do weight watchers and I have on and off for the last 6 years. I used to be 220 pounds and am now at my lifetime weight of 149. I am going to have to try your chicken meal you made last night!!


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