A new plan…sort of

This past weekend, I decided that I am going to start giving myself Saturdays off. Meaning, I am not going to track my Saturday night meals anymore. This does not mean I am going to go all-out crazy and try and eat everything possible. It simply means I am not going to track my Weight Watchers points for the food I eat, like I do with everything else I put in my mouth.

It just means that I am allowing myself one day off – actually only one meal – because I am so good throughout the rest of the week. I track everything…down to the Hershey’s kisses or Dove chocolates or mini Reese’s peanut butter cups I steal from my co-workers candy dish. (Okay, it’s not really stealing…she actually keeps a candy dish filled with little treats in her cupboard for everyone to enjoy…she’s so sweet!)

Saturdays are my date nights with my husband. A typical Saturday date night means we find a cool new recipe to try, almost always healthy, and then go grocery shopping together to get the ingredients we need. We will often stop by the liquor store to pick up a bottle or two or three of some great red wine – we LOVE red wine…Zinfandel is our favorite, but we also love Cabernets, Pinot Noirs, Syrahs, Merlots or even a red blend. We don’t drink wine during the week, but will often have two bottles on a Saturday night. Five ounces of red wine is only two WW points. Not too bad.

After we get home, we usually have some type of appetizer – we love olives (green, black, stuffed, kalamata), pears or apples, havarti or cheddar cheese, pita chips with hummus, small garlic toasts with light Laughing Cow cheese – anything that is simple and semi-healthy. I usually get the appetizer ready while my husband starts on the main dish. We choose our wine based on what we are dining on and will often open two bottles at a time. We like to compare and see what wine goes best with whatever we are eating. And of course, good ol’ rock-n-roll or blues music is playing in the background.

This past Saturday, we decided to fondue for our main meal. We had steak and chicken and then onions and peppers (red, green and orange). We have two fondue pots – one normal and one electric. Because we like to eat healthier, we used the electric pot for a broth to fondue our foods, although we did do oil (canola) in the other pot. 

Trying to keep track of points while fonduing is a little hard. Okay, really hard. Most of the time, I used the broth, but for the onions, I liked to use the oil. The oil also worked better for the chicken, as the broth was beef-based and had red wine in it. Obviously, I am eating some of the oil, but how much is a little hard to determine. I do know that by fonduing, you actually eat less because it takes longer to cook your food and you eat slowly. Your body actually has time to figure out when you are full because you are not shoveling in forkfuls of food at a time. Eating as slowly as you do by fonduing, your brain has time to say, "Hey, you’ve had enough to eat now."

At any rate, after our Saturday night fondue party for two, I decided that it will be okay not to track my meals on Saturday nights anymore. I will track the rest of the day, however. Like I said earlier, most of our Saturday night meals are healthy and if not, we will sometimes modify them to make them healthier. I am going to try this for the next few Saturdays and see how things go. If I feel that I am starting to lose control because I know I won’t be accountable by tracking, I will just start tracking again. It’s that simple. Really. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here are some photos from our Saturday fondue night:

The whole meal.

Fonduing with broth.

Fonduing with oil.

Oh, I forgot, we did have dipping sauces for our meat: World Harbors Buccaneer Blends sticky rum barbecue sauce, Culinary Circle Shanghai Inspired Fice Spice teriyaki and Bronco Bob’s roasted raspberry chipotle sauce.

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One thought on “A new plan…sort of

  1. I think taking one meal off from tracking per week is a good idea, especially when it’s one that’s hard to count like fondue.


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