Need your help

So, readers, do you any of you know anything about heart rate monitors used for exercising?

My student trainer – who by the way is now a certified personal trainer (Great job, Kristy) – said I should get one and use it for when I run on the treadmill. She wants me to set up a training program for me so I can start training for my first 5k of the year. 

I actually have already started training – kind of, but this will be more of a set program, maybe somewhat rigid. If I remember what she told me this morning, it will interval-type training and something about pushing myself really hard. I think I must have given her some kind of look of panic because she assured me I could do it and that I probably wouldn’t pass out or anything. Whew, that puts my mind at ease.

Anyway, I do not know a thing about heart rate monitors – don’t know where to buy one, don’t know what’s available, don’t know what brand is good, don’t even have a clue as to how much they cost.

Any information or insight into what I should get would be greatly appreciated. I am going to start researching them on the internet, but I would sure like to hear from anyone who has used one and can share a thing or two.

Thanks much!

2 thoughts on “Need your help

  1. I just happened across your blog for the first time today while looking at the area voices home page. I am the blogger for The Enbridge Pipeline in my Backyard. About the heart rate monitor, I use one regularly while on the machines at the health club. I find it very motivating. On some days I try to keep my heart rate at 120 for 20 minutes, other days I do interval training and go to 140 for one minute intervals, with a 3 minute slower period in between. I don’t use it when I take my aerobic classes, just when doing my own workout. It is a lot more accurate than the heart rate readers on the machines and you don’t have to keep your hands on those metal things to pick up your heart rate. I bought a Polar HRM online and just got one without all the extra bells and whistles. I am on my 2nd one because the batteries on the first band went dead It lasted about 4 years) and it seemed to make more sense to just replace the whole thing. Good luck on your weight loss – I am still trying to lose my last 10 pounds and have been trying for 2 years – but not hard enough. I have not given up – just taking a break and trying to not gain. It’s working, so far.


  2. You can pick one up anywhere, really. I would recommend Scheels or the like. Polar makes an excellent product that typically interfaces with all machines. From reading your blog and being aware of what you are doing in regards to exercise, I would recommend something like the Polar A5 or similar model–gives you the basic numbers you are looking for (and your trainer wants you to know)…

    A heart rate monitor (HRM) will be really helpful for you–you will become instantly more aware of when you are really *pushing* yourself and when you just *feel* tired. When you do HR threshold training, it trains your body to be able to go just a bit further next time–I do it with jogging and find that doing intervals using a HRM, I am able to run at a higher pace next time I go out. It’s kind of magical, really.

    Plus, it’s just good practice to be aware of when your workout is really making a difference or if you are just going through the motions.

    A Polar like the A5 should run under $100…and lasts for a few years..I think I got three years out of mine wearing it three times/week. Then you can get a replacment chest strap when that happens.


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