All I know about is rice is that I love it

Isn’t rice supposed to be good for you? Asian people eat it all the time and isn’t that how contestants on Survivor, well, survive? Tonight for supper, we had grilled orange chicken, mixed veggies (frozen microwavable bag kind with carrots, peas, beans and corn) and rice. We typically have brown rice, but we were out, so I made instant white rice. Something we had kind of quit eating because I had heard, or at least I thought I heard, that brown rice was better for you.

Whenever we have dinners like this, I take my meat, whether it’s chicken or pork or sometimes, even fish, and mix it in a bowl with my brown rice and veggies. I call ’em my rice bowls. I usually measure out a half to a whole cup of rice and then usually 3/4 of a cup of veggies and then three to four ounces of whichever grilled meat we are having. All in all, it’s a pretty healthy meal. The best part is, it really fills me up.

One of the reasons why I quit making white rice, besides thinking that brown is better for you, is that I really, really like white rice. Okay, I love it. In the past, when I would make white rice, I would always make extra because after supper I would take a bowl, put the leftover rice in it, along with butter, sugar and milk and warm it up in the microwave. It was my dessert. It was kind of like rice pudding, but not as creamy. Mmmm, it is so good.

Well, tonight, I had my little rice treat after dinner. Even though I was close to using up all my Weight Watchers points for the day, I accidentally made too much rice for supper (oops!) and so, I just had to have it. OMG! It tasted so good. I haven’t my rice treat in a really, really long time. 

After supper, I got to thinking about rice and wanted to know if one is really better for you. Well, I found out that one cup of white rice has 193 calories, 1 gram of fat and 1 gram of fiber. (These are the three things I care about and the three things used to determine WW points). I found out that one cup of brown rice has 216 calories, 2 grams of fat and 4 grams of fiber. As for points, they are equal – four points for one cup of each.

What I learned on my Weight Watchers site, however, was kind of interesting: All rice must have its inedible hull removed during processing. What’s left is the bran lying over a creamy endosperm. A what? Whatever! If the bran is removed WITH the hull, the rice is white. If the bran remains, the rice is brown. Huh? I never knew that.

Anyway, the site went on to say that the real difference between white and brown rice is in the vitamins, minerals and fiber. By removing the bran to produce a white rice, the white rice loses vitamin B1, B3 and iron. White rice grains also lose magnesium and certain beneficial fatty acids, which are never added back. Hmmm, okay. That makes sense, right? So maybe, when I have my white rice treat, because I add butter (okay, it’s Country Crock margarine), sugar and milk, I am adding back some of the stuff it loses when it becomes white rice? Or….maybe not.

Well, I think I will stick to making brown rice. For some reason, I just don’t think it would make the same, tasty little treat! 

One thought on “All I know about is rice is that I love it

  1. I like brown rice better too, but my family prefers white, so that’s what I make. White rice has all trace nutrients stripped from it, before a one or two are added back and it’s called “enriched.” Brown rice contains many trace nutrients, so it’s a superior food, nutritionally.

    You may want to double check your portion sizes when comparing the two. The two boxes I have of white and brown rice have roughly the same calories per dry measure, as you said. My brown rice makes two times more cooked rice than the white rice makes, though. For me, that means a cup of cooked white rice has two times more calories (and WW points) than does a cup of cooked brown rice. I wonder if your brand is different than mine?


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