My weight loss in pictures

I was looking back at old photos and came across one of my husband and I from New Year’s Eve 2007 going into 2008 and wow, I can actually see a difference in how I look from the picture we took last night on New Year’s Eve 2009 going into 2010. I thought I would share the pics because it made me feel so good. My husband actually hasn’t changed that much…he’s still cute as ever. Hope you enjoy the pics:

Here we are two years ago…  

Here we are from last night.

As I continued looking at pictures, I came across a few more I thought I would share. Pictures really do say so much, don’t they? 

This is a picture of my husband and I on our wedding day – October 8, 2008. 

This is me in the summer of 2008…      

This is me cooking last night.

I honestly can’t believe the difference. It seems so surreal. I know I have lost the weight, but to actually see it in pictures is so weird. This is what a 40-pound difference looks like.

Another thing that rocks about weight loss is the size of your clothes. I know I have mentioned it before, that the number on the tag shouldn’t matter, but I am a woman and I am sorry, but sometimes it does matter. I used to buy size 14 pants and just the other day, I bought a size 6 – YES, A SIZE 6.

It was awesome and it made me so happy!

5 thoughts on “My weight loss in pictures

  1. You look great! Size 14 to 6: WOW!!!!! I’d love to go back there once, but I think I’ll be happy if I can breathe in a size 10 again!


  2. Celeste, you look terrific! I never saw you as someone with a weight issue until I saw the before and after pic’s. WOW! I recognized the photo right away and considering I haven’t seen you since college, I’d say you “got it goin on girl!”


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