Resolutions or goals?

I wasn’t going to make any resolutions this year because I don’t think I have ever kept any resolutions I have set in the past. I think people who set resolutions, whether it’s to become healthier, lose weight, get more fit or what have you, set themselves up for failure. Not always. But most of time. In my opinion anyway.

This year, instead of setting myself up for yet another round of failed resolutions, I am going to set goals. Reasonable goals. Attainable goals.

Goal #1. To maintain my weight (within two to three pounds). Period. Not for the next six months. Not for the next year. But for the rest of my life.

Goal #2. To continue my healthier lifestyle. No matter how hard it feels like it is sometimes.

Goal #3. To continue eating healthier foods, but to also realize it’s okay to eat treats once in awhile and not punish myself, get upset or feel guilty for doing so. I do need to have a life, right? Everyone needs a little ice cream or cake or cookies or whatever they feel like having sometimes.

Goal #4. To keep up with my exercise program. Strength training at least three days a week with cardio at least three times a week if not four, five or six times a week.

Goal #5. To run at least three 5Ks this year. I signed up for the Fargo 5k in May and will do the Lakes Area Humane Society one in September. I don’t have a third one set yet, but have several possibilities.

Goal #6. To keep going to my Weight Watcher meetings. Why? They give me the encouragement and strength to keep going. I LOVE MY MEETINGS….the people, the leader, the helpers, everyone.

Goal #7. To keep tracking my food or at least most of the time. I am learning that it’s okay if I miss one day of logging. It’s not going to kill me or make me fat overnight!

Goal #8. To go rollerskating at least three times this year.

Goal #9. To get right back on the horse if I slip up a couple of days. If I falter one day, that doesn’t give me a reason to give up. I just have to keep going. What is in the past is in the past and what happens in the future is what matters.

Goal #10. To keep blogging in hopes that maybe, just maybe, I can give other people the encouragement or push or whatever it is they may need to start their own journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I wish everyone a happy and joyous New Year.

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