Lost all control…UGH!

So much for being happy and proud. 

For the past two days, I have done nothing but eat. Literally. Thursday started off good and I was so looking forward to our meal of ham, riced potatoes, green beans and corn. Simple and healthy. Our meal was good and I did fine with it, but it was what I ate prior to the meal and after the meal. UGH!!!!!

As everybody was coming, there seemed to be more and more tempting foods…cheese and meat and crackers, baked goodies, chips and dips, candy and lots of other really, really, good snacks. I thought I had control, but as soon as I let myself have a taste of this and a taste of that, it went down hill really, really fast. It was like I couldn’t control myself. I don’t know what happened. I almost felt possessed.

There was food on every inch of counter space and card table space in our teeny, tiny kitchen. It was kind of ridiculous really. My sister-in-law alone brought enough food for an army. And every last bit of it was unhealthy. She brought ice cream, chips, dips, crackers, cheeses, meat, cookies, popcorn, peanut brittle, candy and a whole lot more. My fridge was stuffed to the max. (And so was I.)

I seriously lost control. I just kept eating and eating and eating. Every time I would go in the kitchen, I would grab a handful of that or a piece of this or a plateful of something else. I tried to do most of the cleanup work, because I wanted to, because it kept me busy and moving around and not just sitting on my behind. But where does the clean-up work take place? In the kitchen. And what was in the kitchen? Yep, the food. The glorious food.

Luckily, we also played games, which I liked, because that kept me away from the food. But regardless, I had no problem making my way back into the kitchen time and time again.

Eventually, I lost track of everything I ate, I didn’t log a single morsel on my Weight Watchers site. I have no idea how many points I ate. I really don’t want to know. And now, it doesn’t matter, I just know it was TOO MUCH! I am not going to beat myself up over it. Christmas does only happen once a year. I am just going to move forward and start fresh today. What you do in the past is in the past and what you do in the future is what matters. Right?

I am glad I got a workout in on Thursday and as soon I finish writing this, I am going to go do another workout. A really good one. I know I won’t burn off everything I ate, but it sure will make be feel better.

3 thoughts on “Lost all control…UGH!

  1. I can relate…our celebration was postponed until Sunday–I have been surrounded by goodies for two extra days–I get to take them all away tomorrow!!!! I have made many trips to the kitchen the last few days, as well.


  2. I’m glad to hear you aren’t going to be too hard on yourself. These kind of days happen: Get back on track and, if you can, try to determine what caused the feeding frenzy and learn from it. If you can’t learn from it, you’ll be doomed to repeat it!


  3. This time of the year…my christmas was also post-poned which means more days surrounded by food! I live alone and I have six…yes six bags of chips on top my refrigerator right now. Ha! Not to mention everyone and their brother is giving me goodies. I now hand food out to anyone who comes to my house! haha


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