Said no to Coldstone, but those darn caramel krispie marshmallows

Okay, so this weekend was my family Christmas. As expected, my sister brought a wonderful array of meats, cheeses and crackers. She didn’t bring my favorite cheese, Dubliner, and I was ever-so-grateful. And as expected, my brother brought a wonderfully delicious veggie tray. Thank goodness!

Regardless though, I still chowed down on the cute little pieces of snowflake-shaped swiss cheese bites and cute little cubed marble jack cheese bites (about 10-12 pieces combined), along with about the same amount of pieces of really good summer sausage, which was cut into little one inch stick pieces. MMMMMM, it was so good. I didn’t have any crackers, but did have one of my mom’s delicious frosted sugar cookies. And………..I ended up eating three of her marshmallows dipped in caramel and rolled in Rice Krispies. For something really so simple, they are just so good. 

Besides the sweet treats, I did have one bun (not my Arnold sandwich thin) with the barbecue turkey we brought, which was out-of-this-world good, if I don’t say so myself. And I probably ate nearly two cups of baby carrots, several pieces of celery, a handful of oh-so-sweet cherry tomatoes, several pieces of Chex cereal that I picked out of the really tasty homemade Chex mix my other sister brought and a couple teeny, tiny pieces of peanut brittle. Oh, and I had a couple scoops of the good-for-you pasta salad I made. 

I ended up tossing together a pasta salad the morning we left that was made with Fiber Gourmet rotini noodles, broccoli slaw, black olives, green onions, green pepper, reduced-fat parmesan cheese and fat-free Kraft zesty italian dressing. It turned out pretty good for not using any kind of recipe. I liked it and I think my family liked it.

All in all, I was okay with what I ate. I didn’t figure out my Weight Watcher points for Saturday, but I was okay with that, too. And I really didn’t feel that bad for eating three of my favorite marshmallow treats. I mean, come on, I only eat them once a year. I did maybe go a little over board on the meat and cheese, but that’s life, right?

But the best part was that this morning, I got up early and worked out before meeting my family for breakfast in the breakfast room at the hotel. I actually don’t usually work out on the weekends, or at least not that often, anyway. But today I did. It felt good. I felt like I needed to after yesterday. Plus, to be 100 percent honest, I wanted to show off – if that’s really what you want to call it – in front of my family. Kind of weird, I know, but I know for a fact if I would have been at home, I wouldn’t have gotten up early to do it. Plain and simple. They gave me the incentive I needed, I guess. Despite why I did it, it felt good and I was really happy I did. 

After we left the hotel and headed home, we stopped at the Maplewood Mall and shopped for several hours. We then stopped in St. Cloud and shopped for several hours more. We made one stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond, which is in the same location as Cold Stone Creamery. I had told my son and husband if we were that close to my favorite ice cream place that there was no way I was going to not stop. I had to. How could I pass it up?

Well, I did. As much as it hurt and again, in all honesty, it truly hurt. My mouth was salivating, there’s no doubt about it. But I did it and I think my husband was proud. He said, "Now that’s willpower!"

I guess there’s always next time. Right?

2 thoughts on “Said no to Coldstone, but those darn caramel krispie marshmallows

  1. It seems like you did okay & certainly passing on Coldstone is an accomplishment. I wish I would have fared as well at our office potluck today!


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