Family gathering

I am a little nervous about today as I am celebrating Christmas with my family in the Twin Cities. This means lots of fun, storytelling, laughter, games and unfortunately, food.

We all bring something to share and not always is there the healthiest of foods. I avoided doing any Christmas baking with my mom this year, but she went ahead and did it without me. I thought maybe she would skip it, too. I guess she only made four different kinds of Christmas treats, but I know one of them is a favorite of mine – marshmellows dipped in caramel and then rolled in Rice Krispies. I know I will have one; I just hope I can limited myself to just that.

My husband and I made roasted a turkey breast and then shredded it and added barbecue sauce for sandwiches. Kind of like pulled pork sandwiches, except we decided to make it with turkey breast because we thought it would be healthier. I will probably eat just the meat and skip the buns. My mom is bringing the buns and I am sure they won’t be of the healthy variety. Maybe I will bring an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin with me. I know they are okay and only one WW point.

The foods I am most dreading are the snacks my one sister is going to bring. She works for Sargento Cheese and always brings the best variety of cheeses for us to munch on. My favorite, which she always happens to have with her, is Dubliner, which is a semi-dry, harder cheese with a slightly stronger taste. It is similar to parmesan or asiago, which I also happen to love. She lives in Wisconsin, which is also known, I guess, for its variety of fun summer sausages. She always has a variety of those, too. And, of course, what goes with cheese and meat, but crackers. Again, she brings a wide array of crackers and all of them are the full-fat version. 

I know I talk a lot about my love of sweets, but cheese, meat and crackers are also one of my downfalls. UGH! I can sit and munch on cheese, meat and crackers all day and not eat anything else. I am going to have to keep myself busy so that I stay away from the food table. At least I can count on my one brother, who typically always brings a large veggie tray…let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint me this year!

Have a super weekend…I will let you all know how I did when we return on Sunday. I am kind of nervous.

2 thoughts on “Family gathering

  1. If you start to feel to tempted, put on your coat, grab a sister, husband, son, or anyone handy, and go for a walk. It’ll take your mind off the food item, and give you a chance to refocus your resolve. For me, it also turns my hunger into thirst so I can return to the house and drink a large glass of water and feel satisfied. Good Luck!


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