Downfall foods

The other day I was thinking about some of my downfall foods, you know, the ones that can get you in trouble. I realized I have a lot of those types of foods.

Yesterday, when my husband and I were at the grocery store picking up a few things for supper, he wanted to buy some cheese for an appetizer before our meal and I politely suggested we find something else. We opted for some olive bruschetta and pita chips, which turned out to be very good…especially with the zin and pinot noir we were sipping on. 

Cheese, I have decided, is one of my downfall foods. I do eat cheese on an almost daily basis, but it’s Weight Watchers string cheese, which is the best good-for-you string cheese I have tried. I also eat a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch nearly every day during the week. I use the 2 percent cheese slices that are only 50 calories each. I typically buy Crystal Farms because it is the cheapest. Plus, they are really good and they melt really well.

When it comes to cheese, though, I could eat it at every meal. I love all kinds of cheeses, including cheddar, colby, Dubliner, swiss, smoked gouda, feta, mozzarella, muenster, Jarlsberg and oh so many more. I really wish cheese was better for you.

I have other downfall foods, which I have talked about on a regular basis, including ice cream, chips and dip, Cool Whip, sugary cereal, cookies, cakes, bars, almost anything chocolate, crackers, creamy pastas and oh my, there are so many more. 

So, what about you? What are your downfall foods and what do you do about them? Do you cut them out all together? Do you have a treat now and then? Can you control yourself around naughty foods?

Please share your food addictions with me and also any tips for how you deal with your downfall foods. I can’t wait to hear from you and I look forward to reading your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “Downfall foods

  1. I have found that you shouldn’t deprive yourself completely of your favorite foods, even if they are “Red Light Foods” as my Weight Watcher leader calls them. Cookies are one such food for me: All kinds, but especially the chocolate chip tollhouse kind. I can’t buy them, or I will eat until they are gone. I eat them when I get an opportunity to have just one and walk away, like at a party or such. In other words, I don’t dare eat them unless I’m in a safe environment that I can control. Baking 24 of them and setting them on my kitchen counter is an invitation for disaster! Super Target sells them in handy bags of three, which I will indulge on once in a while. I stay away from their 20 packs: I’ve eaten 10 on my drive home alone!


  2. Definitely homebaked cookies, cakes, anything sugar laden, totally useless for the body. Of purchased items, the top ones would be: oreos, strawberry twizzlers, and cinnamon tortillas. As GFB stated, if I am in a safe setting, where others will see me do the damage, I am a little better at resisting. As of late, everything I’ve baked has been wolfed down at lightning speed–I am almost afraid to start the Christmas baking!


  3. For me indulging in “downfall foods” are a slippery slope. I also enjoy cheese, but I have cut it out of my diet completely. Eating cheese for me is like a smoker and their cigarettes. I cannot eat it occasionally, and for me there is no such thing as moderation becuase I always will crave it! Much like cigarettes for smokers it was hard for me to give up, but I haven’t eaten cheese in almost two years, and I don’t even miss it anymore. I feel so empowered to pass by it in the grocery store without flinching (or salivating)!


  4. My “downfall food” used to be pizza! That was until about a month ago when I ate one for my birthday. I had 3 or 4 slices, I had been anticipating this pizza for weeks mind you, and when I was finished I felt like crap for the rest of the evening. I am guessing it was from fat overload, but I am just spit balling.

    Now, I would have to say it is anything with cheese, including just grabbing the block and taking a big old bite. Cheese and creamy pasta. I pretty much stay away from the creamy pasta now, but I do indulge in cheese from time to time. Although it is the low-fat stuff.


  5. I found I’m able to set a stopping point easier when I ate the full-fat versions of whatever I was craving. When I ate fat-free products I wasn’t satisfied and ended eating more. My thoughts are, if you’re gonna have “bad food” you might as well enjoy the real stuff, and just be careful with portions.


  6. My weakness is tasty cakes, cheez-it and pretty much any snack. Help!!!! How do I break the habit of wanting to snack on something, just to snack?


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