I met with Kristy, my student trainer, this morning because she decided I needed a new program. I forgot she reads my blog and so she found out that my eating hasn’t been going the best. She thought my workout should be amped up a bit so that I can start burning more calories. Plus, I think she thought I needed a little kick in the butt!

I liked her thinking.

We went over my program, which looked like it was going to be really awesome. However, I did notice there were quite a few squat-type exercises. Squat and do this, squat and do that. Squats, squats, squats! I even commented on it to her. "What’s with all the squats," I whined. In a very friendly, mild tone, Kristy said, "Well, they burn a lot of calories!" I accepted her answer with a smile.

After she was finished explaining everything to me, she left because she had to get to class. I started right in. OK, I didn’t. To tell the truth, I procrastinated for a bit, even taking a run out to Walmart…but it was to pick up a timer and a medicine ball for my workouts. So, the trip was needed. 

When I got back, after I fiddled on the computer for just a bit, I thought I better get started and so I went to it. Because it is Friday, I actually started Day 3 of my program. I LOVED IT!!!! Well, almost all of it. I had to do one-legged squats and my right leg creaked and cracked the whole time. Didn’t hurt, just sounded awful. All the rest of the exercises went really well. Oh, except I was little shaky on the side planks.

I was actually sweating when I got done, which was very cool because most of the time I do my strength training exercises, I don’t sweat – at least not that much. It wasn’t like the sweating I do when I run on the treadmill, but nonetheless, I was worn out, slightly sweaty and loving every minute of it.

I think I got my groove back. Thanks, Kristy. It was exactly what I need to get my motivation back! Now let’s see what the scale reads next Wednesday.

One thought on “Revived

  1. Hey Celeste,
    your going to do great and this program will help you out. Just keep on watching what you eat and doing your workouts, as hard as you can. You can do it i believe you can.


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