Crabbiness emerging…time to refocus

Over the past four weeks, I have had a gain at the scale every single time I weigh in at my Weight Watchers meetings. This is starting to make me a little crabby. Okay, a lot crabby. The total weight gain has not been huge…it’s been exactly three pounds. But, nonetheless, it is weight gain. Not a loss. Not the same. A gain. G-A-I-N. On November 11, I weighed in at 148.4. Today, December 9, I weighed in at 151.5. AARGGHHH!!!!

I know it’s my fault. I have started to become a little more lax with everything. Mostly with my eating and logging of what I eat. I have missed probably four days of tracking because I either didn’t feel like it or I knew ate too much and didn’t want to figure out the points. I know I haven’t been as rigid as I should be. My exercise has been going fairly well, however, so I am please with that.

As I have looked back over the past four weeks, the one thing that has really changed – and it may sound kind of weird – is that I have been eating more "real" cheese. Meaning, I have been nibbling here and there on cheddar, Havarti and Feta – none of which has been reduced-fat or even fat-free. And, lately when I nosh on it, I haven’t been weighing it, I have only been "eyeing" the size of it and guesstimating the weight, therefore not exactly being truthful when I enter it in my online tracker. Stupid, I know. Obviously, that hasn’t been working for me and so, I better quit doing that. Either I have to eliminate real cheese altogether or start eating healthier-sized portions.

With Weight Watchers, I have so many points each day to work with – it was 24, but I just changed it to 23 – and then I also get 35 points to use throughout the week if I want to. In the past year, I rarely ever use those extra points. Well, in the last month, I think I have used my extra 35 points every week. Do you think there might be a correlation between that and my weight gain? My guess is yes.

So, for the next month, I am going to get back on track and log everything…I mean every, single, solitary, morsel. And, as I stated above, I decreased my daily point total by one point. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but my guess is that it will make a difference. And, I am going to once again cut back on cheese. I know I don’t need it and I know I can live without it. I just happen to love it, that’s all. 

If only I loved exercising as much as I love cheese. Hmmm, the possibilities!

3 thoughts on “Crabbiness emerging…time to refocus

  1. I hope you remember me and I have done the same thing you have done with your weight loss. BE STRONG because I gained quite a bit of it back before realizing I could not keep eating and fit into that clothes or feel good about myself. I am back down and it is great to continue to get the compliments from co-workers cause it makes you want to keep it off even during this “food” season.


  2. Don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat– Your exercise regimen may be attributing to it as well. Just be happy your clothes fit and you still feel better about yourself than you did months ago– We’re all proud of you!


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