Potlucks are cruel

I really won’t mind if I don’t ever go to another potluck in my life. Way too many choices, way too many temptations, way too much stimulation. Period.

We went to my son’s football banquet tonight and it was potluck. I thought about eating ahead of time so I wouldn’t have to worry about all the tempting foods, but it didn’t work out. The only way I was going to eat was to wade through the line. Wait, scratch that…LINES!!! Plural. My first decision was to decide which of the four lines I wanted to go down. I tried to quickly scope out which line had the most unappealing food so I would have less of a chance of eating something I would regret later.

I spied a fruit bowl and figured I would jump in that line, but that didn’t work out and I had to go in another line. It didn’t have any fruit, nor did it really have anything healthy. So, I just made the most of it and took something of everything, which didn’t leave much room on my plate for desserts, so a couple of cookies went in my pocket instead. KIDDING. I didn’t really do that.

I did, however, take about a tablespoon’s worth of a couple of hotdishes – tator tot and some macaroni, tomato, hamburger and corn one that my family calls goulash. I also took a very small portion of Chinese cole slaw and a bite or two of that pudding cookie salad with mandarin oranges in it. I took a buttered bun also. And I had a bite size piece of brownie and one of my all-time favorite Christmas treats…a marshmallow dipped in caramel and then rolled in rice crispies. Oh, and I did take a couple of bites off my husbands plate because of course, his food looked better!

All and all, I didn’t think I did too bad. I maybe could have done better by making myself get in the line with fruit in it and only have eaten that with maybe or bun or something. (I really don’t think there was one single hotdish there that was healthy…really, truly, there wasn’t.) In my old ways, my plate would have been heaping and I would have gone back for seconds without batting an eyelash. Seriously.

But this is life. I am going to encounter potlucks again….my son does has two more years on the football team, which means two more football banquets and two more potlucks. 

Seriously though, I know that there are going to be situations that I can’t control. That I am going to have to make decisions that are hard and let me tell you, potlucks are hard for people who, at times, can’t control their eating. I, sometimes, am that person. In my book, potlucks are cruel, really. 

I survived this one and for the most part, I am happy with my choices. Yes, there is always room for improvement. But I lived through it and I didn’t go up for seconds. It’s progress people. Really, truly, it is.

But maybe next time, I will try harder to eat ahead of time so I won’t be tempted.

4 thoughts on “Potlucks are cruel

  1. It doesn’t seem like you did too bad. As long as most of your diet is balanced, it’s okay to splurge once in awhile, isn’t it?


  2. If it was a “potluck,” each person attending brings a dish to share. You can be assured of there being at least one healthy choice by bringing your own to share. What you are describing is what I call a buffet line, and they are tougher to navigate, as you don’t get to make any choices on the menu. I try to make the best selections possible, but regardless of what happens, it’s only one meal, and you can always overcome it!


  3. It was indeed a potluck and unfortunately, I didn’t bring the healthiest of dishes to share….it was a cheesy lasagna. I had the ingredients on hand and wanted to get rid of the three half empty bags of shredded cheese I had in the house! Next time, I will most definitely bring something more healthy!


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