My new goal

So last summer, I ran my first 5K. It was awesome. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I ran it with my husband and son. We did okay, but I could have done a lot better.

Well, today, my husband and I signed up for the Fargo 5K. It is in May and I am pumped for it. I want to trim at least three minutes off my time from my first one. We’ll see what happens.

I decided to set a new goal of doing at least three 5K runs next year. I think I have my husband talked into doing them all with me. I can’t wait. I know I am doing the Fargo one in May and then I have one in Alexandria in September. I am thinking I need to do one in June or maybe August. July might be too hot. If anyone knows of any that are close to the Alexandria area in June or August, please let me know. Send me an e-mail at

Thanks and happy running!

2 thoughts on “My new goal

  1. There’s one in Grand Forks on the 4th of July. It’s a little far from your area, but it may fit into the schedule you mentioned. Maybe after you get a few 5K runs under your belt, you’ll want to try a 10K. Twice the distance, but twice the feeling of satisfaction as well!


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