More sadness

I am just writing to inform all of you, my dear readers, that once again, I won’t have any new posts for a little while.

This morning, Monday, November 9, my mother-in-law passed away. Yes, three weeks and one day after my father-in-law. Too much sadness for one family. It sucks. Period.

Although we know that she is now with her husband and is at peace, it still hurts. Bad. She was 73 years old. Rest in peace, Lynn, I love you.

I will be back soon.

Thanks to all of you who take the time to read this blog. It means the world to me.

4 thoughts on “More sadness

  1. My heart is filled with so much sadness. I am SO sorry about Lynn. Both she and Vic were such very special people. The positive in this is that they are once again together. You guys are all in our hearts and prayers! Just wanted to let you know we’re thinking about you all.

    Tracie Coopet & Family


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